Female and 45 or over? You may well be interested in this collection of products which could help you through the Menopause. Menopause means - the last menstrual period and can take place from the age of 45 onwards. The average for the menopause is around 51, but thankfully we are all different. Different in the way the menopause affects us and different in how we choose to manage our menopause symptoms. Typical symptoms include hot flushes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, night sweats plus loss of concentration. In addition to this, the menopause increases our risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.

Here we have collected a few natural remedies and complementary therapies with the menopause in mind. Some help in a preventative way, some help to relax, some are renowned for calming hot flushes or vaginal dryness and others just great for all round health in the menopause years. A good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement would be a good idea at this time especially Vitamin E and C and Vitamin B complex.

The most important thing is to keep objective, don't take yourself too seriously and try one or two of our 'survive the menopause' selection.


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