Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. Normally we obtain amino acids by our food sources... but sometimes you don't get what you need.

Amino acids may help our body's to function properly. Their role includes repairing muscles, organs, nails, hair, skin, ligaments and glands. A lack in even one of them could reduce one's health. Deficient people, however, are not the only ones who choose to supplement with amino acids; you may increase your intake simply for therapeutic benefits.


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Higher Nature Organic Flax Seed Oil 350ml Higher Nature Organic Flax Seed Oil 350ml

Organic flaxseed oil, high in plant source omega 3

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Soya Free, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Yeast Free
Our Price £12.50  

Higher Nature Theanine 100mg, 90c Higher Nature Theanine 100mg, 90c

100mg Higher nature theanine. The amino acid that is found in green tea.

Vegan, Vegetarian
Our Price £21.40  
Vegan, Free From, Eco, Organic
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