Ready to Roll Pastry

Thanks to shows like The Great British Bake Off, pastry has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years.  More and more of us are looking to create our own pies, croissants, sausage rolls and other sweet and savoury treats.

Few of us, however, have the time or inclination to create our own pastry from scratch every time – and even those of us that do have days where we’d prefer not to.  Fortunately, there’s a more convenient alternative available in the form of ready-to-roll pastry.  Simply defrost thoroughly, dust your work-surface with flour, and you’re ready to roll!

There exists an enormous variety in the pastry world.  But, for most applications, two sorts dominate – the shortcrust, and the puff variety.  The former contains no leavening agent, and is used to make pies of both the sweet and savoury variety.  The latter, as you might expect, puffs up as it’s baked – thanks to the layers of fat contained in a sheet.  The puff can be easily controlled through crimping at the edges of your pie of choice – but creating it in the first place is hugely laborious, involving long periods of waiting for gluten bonds to form, and precise temperature-control.

You’ll find both varieties represented here in easy-to-use, ready-to-roll form.  They’ll keep happily in your freezer for many months – so that when the time comes to make a delicious apple pie, you’ll be ready!


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Gluten free puff pastry

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