Feminine Care

If the environment is important to you then this range of natural sanitary towels could be for you. Natracare organic sanitary towels and tampons use non chlorine bleached cotton and fibres for its range of feminine hygiene. All products are made as biodegradable as possible and are leagues above the more commercial brands.

Did you know that commercial bleaching of paper or other fibres involves the use of chlorine compounds? These produce chemicals called organochlorines. Among the most deadly organo-chlorines are dioxins: potent, toxic chemical by-products of chlorine bleaching that get into the air, water, soil, and food chain. Once released, these chemicals persist in the environment, spread through the food chain, accumulate in fatty tissues and disrupt, mimic, and block the hormone systems of living organisms. Hormones actively regulate the reproductive, learning, behavioral and disease fighting capabilities of humans and wildlife. So dioxin free sanitary products are the better choice.

Vegan, Free From, Eco, Organic
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