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If you like to keep your hair in good condition, but you’re worried about the impact your choice of product might have on the environment, then you’re in the right place - this is where we list all of our natural hair care products.

Our range includes sugar-based sprays, gels, and mousses – natural, cruelty-free alternatives to chemical styling products. You’ll also find revitalising hair tonics, free from silicone and with just a hint of rosemary to help invigorate your hair. Also represented here are coconut-based hair treatments, which harness the power of the coconut’s natural oils to reduce protein loss, treat damaged hair and boost the condition of the scalp.

Cosmetics and animal welfare aren’t always the cosiest of bedfellows. You’ll be pleased, then, to find products here that haven’t been tested on animals, and which are suitable for vegetarians. Take a look through the selection and you’ll find one which matches both your physiology and your ethics!


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Dead Sea Spa Magik Conditioning Scalp Mud 150ml Dead Sea Spa Magik Conditioning Scalp Mud 150ml

Revitalises scalp and hair. conditions hair.

Our Price £10.00  

Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream 200ml Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream 200ml

Anti-ageing cc cream for coloured hair, from Naturtint

Our Price £7.99  

Pukka Organic Castor Oil 250ml Pukka Organic Castor Oil 250ml

Cold pressed castor oil, traditionally used on the scalp and as a massage oil.

Vegan, Vegetarian
Our Price £10.00  

Urtekram Aloe Vera Spray Conditioner 250 ml Urtekram Aloe Vera Spray Conditioner 250 ml

Spray leave in conditioner from Urtekram for soft smooth hair.

Our Price £4.79 (£1.92 per 100ml)  
Vegan, Free From, Eco, Organic
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