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At GoodnessDirect we stock a full range of skin care products and cosmetics made from natural minerals, plant extracts and other natural ingredients, so that you can care for your body the way nature intended. Our selection includes organic hair products, body care, natural cosmetics and more. Many of our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Our selection includes luxurious bath and shower products; aromatherapy essential plant oils; creamy extravagant body lotions and scrubs; gentle natural and very effective moisturisers and skin nourishment; aluminium-free deodorants; fluoride-free toothpaste and natural oral products as well as children's toothpastes; natural and gentle vegetable soaps; natural cotton tampons and towels. Plus a most fantastic range of natural hair colours and herbal hair dyes for both men and women.

Great Gifts Straight From Nature

Choose from a range of individual products and gift sets for men and women, or build your own gift hamper from our selection of natural skin, body and haircare products. We will even gift wrap your selection for you!

The Cost of Synthetic Beauty

According to research conducted by Biosen in 2009, the average woman is exposed to more than 500 different synthetic chemicals during the course of their day-to-day beauty regimen. The long-term health effects as well as environmental effects of such chemical concoctions are unclear. Natural body care treatments can give your hair and skin a break, allowing you to pamper yourself without stress and with a clear conscience.

Synthetic chemical based beauty products can be harmful both to you and the environment. The micro-beads used in many scrubs and lotions are so small that they pass through traditional sewage filtration systems and can make it out into our rivers and seas, where they then enter the food chain. Not only are the chemicals in the beds harmful, the beads themselves can soak up other toxins, making them doubly dangerous.

In addition, the perfumes, colours and bases used in sprays, gels and even nail varnish can cause irritation, disrupt your body’s natural hormone balance, and irritate your skin and eyes.

Nothing but Nature

Whether you are looking for aromatherapy essential plant oils, bath and shower products that will not dry out your skin, natural but effective moisturizers, fluoride-free toothpastes or aluminium-free deodorants, at GoodnessDirect we have the right products for you. We also stock a range of natural cotton tampons and towels, ethical sun-screen products, toothpastes aimed at children, gentle vegetable-based soaps and natural or herbal hair dyes for both men and women.

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