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If you are on a special diet and consume only healthy foods such as sugar free foods or low fat foods, for instance; or have food intolerance and have to avoid certain food allergens and only eat, for example, yeast free food or lactose free food, then you may find our Food Allergy Help Service useful. It is so much better to shop from a list of foods and products that you can have, rather than those that you can't have.

Here we list products which we have vetted as suitable for various food allergies and intolerances. So, if you are shopping for gluten-free foods (coeliac), low cholesterol food, lactose free food, sugar free foods, egg-free foods, wheat-free foods, yeast free foods, vegan foods, vegetarian foods, or would like to avoid caffeine; we have special shopping lists for you. We also have lists for foods with ethical restrictions, like kosher, vegetarian and vegan foods. (For Macrobiotic Foods, click here).

Please note: we only flag items according to the packaging, so some products may not be included in the list even though they are fine for that diet, e.g. herb teas are not flagged as low fat, egg free, vegan or wheat free and yet they are all of these.

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