The air that you breathe and the things that come into contact with your skin are as important as what you eat when it comes to staying healthy. That’s why at GoodnessDirect we are proud to offer a selection of eco-friendly products for the home.

Our selection of eco home essentials includes laundry and cleaning products, tissues and other disposablespet care products and gifts. All of these products have been carefully selected for their all-natural ingredients, and the way that they are kind both to you and the environment. Wherever possible we choose fair trade suppliers.

Natural, Fairtrade and Kind to Your Skin

Choose from a selection of kitchen towels, toilet tissue and facial tissue from brands such as Suma, Ecoleaf and Papura, as well as food bags and bin liners from d2wEcover and If You Care. We also stock shower, Kitchen and all-purpose cleaners made by Bentley OrganicBio-D and Method.

All of the products that we sell at GoodnessDirect are clearly labelled to highlight whether they are organic, vegetarian, vegan, fair trade and not tested on animals. Where such information is available we highlight it so that you can make a confident, informed choice about the products that you buy.

Our range of gifts includes candles, truffles, coasters, chocolate making kits, cushions, bath and shower gels, photo frames and more. The selection of handmade items made from reclaimed glass and slate is sure to impress lovers of boutique upcycled items.

Many of the products are sold in standard packaging and refill packaging, so you can minimise waste with future purchases. Whether you are looking for food bags, dishwasher tablets, coasters, pet food or candles, we are confident that you will find a safe, ethically produced and environmentally friendly product to suit your needs in our catalogue.

Healthy, Free From, Eco, Organic
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