Herbal & Medicinal Teas

Since it was first realised that soaking tea leaves in hot water can produce a delicious hot beverage, the world hasn’t been quite the same.  But tea leaves aren’t the only things that can be used to this effect –many floral and fruity substances can create all manner of wonderful herbal  drinks, while some so-called ‘cleansing teas’ have even been credited with medicinal properties.

As well as each boasting a distinct flavour, herbal and medicinal teas like the ones listed here are thought to influence one’s mood.  Floral flavours like chamomile are believed to help us relax, while sharper ones like peppermint are thought to have a more stimulating effect.

On this page, you’ll find all our herbal and medicinal teas. Each is unique, and comes with its own benefits.  As well as the herbal flavours in isolation, we also stock carefully-balanced blends of complementary herbal ingredients – like lemon, honey and ginger.  Of course, the effect will be different depending on the person doing the drinking – and so it’s worth being adventurous, and trying the range of herbal teas we have on offer.


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Salus Mistletoe Tea 15b
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Salus Yarrow Tea 15b (12 pack)

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