Cows Milk Alternatives

Finding a tasty and convenient alternative to cow’s milk can be difficult. That’s why at GoodnessDirect we have compiled a selection of the best milk alternatives. Whether you are intolerant to cow’s milk and are looking for an alternative such as goat’s milk, or you are following a non-dairy diet, we have something that should suit you.

Powdered Milk Substitutes

If you are buying milk substitutes online, you probably want to be able to stock up on a fairly large supply. Our range of powdered goat milk is ideal for that. Free from gluten, wheat and yeast, fortified goat milk is ideal for children aged 1-3, and there are Stage 1 infant drinks available too.

Cereal, Grain and Nut Milks

If you are looking for something to use as a day-to-day drink, then unsweetened rice milk or coconut milk is a good option, and ideal for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. Coconut milk is rich and luxurious, and a great alternative to soy milk that can be used for day to day cooking.

We also have a selection of flavoured milks, in both large and snack-sized cartons – ideal for the lunch box. Choose from flavoured coconut, almond or hazelnut drinks with added calcium.

Thanks to our selection of cow’s milk alternatives, you don’t have to limit yourself to just goat’s milk or soya. At GoodnessDirect we have a huge selection of sweetened and unsweetened milks to suit every taste and every purpose, from infant milk drinks to milk for tea and coffee, cooking, cereals and more.

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