Lemon & Lime

Citrus fruits are a mainstay in kitchens across the world. Modern cooking just wouldn’t be the same without the sharp tang that a twist of lemon or lime is able to introduce. And neither would the world of drinks – as lemonade is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Lemons and limes, as well as being sharp, acidic, and flavoursome, are a potent source of vitamin C.

This page contains a selection of lemon and lime juices. They’re each slightly different; some are made using pure, squeezed lemon and lime juice (ideal for cooking) while others are best enjoyed as a drink guzzled straight for the bottle. If you’re a fan of lemonade, then you’ll want to consider those made straight from Sicilian lemons. Or you might consider lemonade made closer to home, in Rochester.

Having pure lemon juice available in bottled form is extremely useful for those occasions where you don’t have fresh fruit to hand. It’s perfect for injecting a little sharpness into a seafood pasta. Pure lime juice, on the other hand, will do a similar job for your pulled-brisket burrito. Whatever food or drink you favour, you can be sure that the products listed here will help to enhance it!


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Biona Lemon Juice (Not From Concentrate) 200ml Biona Lemon Juice (Not From Concentrate) 200ml

Pressed Lemon Juice - Not from concentrate, by Biona Organic 200ml

Our Price £2.39 (£1.20 per 100ml)  

Sunita Lemon Juice 200ml Sunita Lemon Juice 200ml

Squeezed from fresh lemons.

Our Price £0.99 (£0.49 per 100ml)  

Sunita Organic Lemon Juice 1ltr
Organic, Vegetarian
Our Price £6.99 (£0.70 per 100ml)  

Sunita Organic Lime Juice 250ml Sunita Organic Lime Juice 250ml

Squeezed from fresh organically grown Mexican limes

Our Price £1.99 (£0.80 per 100ml)  
Vegan, Free From, Eco, Organic
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