Descendants from the Middle East, falafels are primarily formed of crushed, fried chickpeas. They’ve yet to achieve quite the same mainstream success in the west as other eastern exports like the lamb kebab – but, being principally made from beans and pulses, they have achieved some popularity with some groups:  namely vegetarians, vegans, those looking to avoid gluten – and, of course, those who are keen to try new things!

Of course, like any other traditional foodstuff, falafel has evolved over the years.  Chefs have experimented by introducing flavours like paprika and rosemary and dates into the mixture – and so the falafel offers plenty of scope to the adventurous eater.  In this section, you’ll find dried falafel mixture, which can be transformed with the addition of water, as well as pre-made falafel balls, ready for cooking.

Falafel is an indispensable component in any middle-eastern spread.  It can be enjoyed with traditional dips like tzatziki and humus, and will serve as a delicious vegetarian alternative to the aforementioned kebab.  Pair it with freshly-cooked flatbread, some herbs and yogurt-dressing, and you’ve a tasty – and healthy – meal.


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Al'Fez Moroccan Spiced Falafel Mix 150g Al'Fez Moroccan Spiced Falafel Mix 150g

A delicious mix of chickpea falafel with spicy moroccan seasoning - Serves 3-4

15% Off £1.31 Our Price £1.11 (£0.74 per 100g)  
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Biona Falafel Balls Sesame&Mint 220g Biona Falafel Balls Sesame&Mint 220g

Organic falafel with sesame and mint, from Biona

Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chilled Our Price £4.09 (£1.86 per 100g)  
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Biona Falafel Balls Spinach with Hummous 220g Biona Falafel Balls Spinach with Hummous 220g

Organic Spinach Falafel balls with Hummous from Biona.

Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chilled Our Price £4.29 (£1.95 per 100g)  

Biona Organic Falafel Balls 220g Biona Organic Falafel Balls 220g

Organic, vegan Biona falafel balls.

Egg Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Yeast Free
Chilled Our Price £4.09 (£1.86 per 100g)  

Delphi Falafel 140g Delphi Falafel 140g

5 Reduced salt felafel ready to eat.

Chilled Our Price £2.21 (£1.58 per 100g)  
Temporarily Unavailable

Vbites Vegideli Falafel  250g Vbites Vegideli Falafel 250g

14 Vegan falafel

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Kosher, Lactose Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chilled Our Price £2.63 (£1.05 per 100g)  
Vegan, Free From, Eco, Organic
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