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Cheese is a staple of the modern diet, not only because it’s delicious – but because it’s nutritious, too. Like the milk it comes from, cheese is loaded with healthy proteins, fats and minerals, which help the body to properly function. That said, not all cheeses are created equally. Some can form a mainstay of a healthy diet; others should ideally be eaten only as an occasional treat.

In this section of the site, you’ll find our selection of healthy soft cheeses. Here you’ll find low-fat cottage cheese from Longley Farm in the hills near Huddersfield. Cottage cheeses contain large amounts of casein (a special, slow-digesting protein found in dairy products) and the low-fat version is great for those looking to cut their calorie intake without sacrificing protein. It’s flexible, too – just spread it across a bagel for a perfect healthy alternative to cheese on toast.

You’ll also find organic Brie from Simon Weaver, a Cotswold-based dairy farmer. These Bries are of the utmost quality and come in a variety of different styles. Some have been lightly smoked, some have been laced with a delicate herb blend, while others have been left natural. The choice is entirely yours!


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Delphi Ricotta Cheese 235g Delphi Ricotta Cheese 235g

A creamy soft cheese.

Chilled Our Price £2.75 (£1.17 per 100g)  
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Oma Organic Cottage Cheese 200g Oma Organic Cottage Cheese 200g

Organic cottage cheese.

Organic, Vegetarian
Chilled Our Price £2.39 (£1.20 per 100g)  

Oma Organic Mozzarella 125g Oma Organic Mozzarella 125g

Organic mozzarella in salt brine.

Chilled Our Price £2.29 (£1.83 per 100g)  
Temporarily Unavailable
Vegan, Free From, Eco, Organic
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