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Food Intolerance Diets

woodvale.blogspot.comThe Wood Vale Diaries. A blog by parents of an austistic child on autism in the family, the journey from diagnosis to recovery. This may be an encouragement to those in a similar situation.
www.allergycooks.co.uk Allergycooks If you are having to cook for someone who has food intolerances, and you want to eat "normal" food - you have come to the right place!
www.susanjanemurray.comWHEAT FREE, DAIRY FREE, SUGAR FREE cooking, this site is dedicated to food intolerances and putting the smile back on your belly.
www.appetiteforlife.co.ukAppetite for life. Leading nutritionist with a special interest in allergy/ intolerance - providing tailored dietary programmes and gold standard testing – helping clients resolve the many symptoms associated with sensitivities so that they can attain maximum health and vitality.
www.anaphylaxis.org.ukThe Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK wide charity to exclusively meet the needs of the growing numbers of people at risk from severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) by providing information and support relating to foods and other triggers such as latex, drugs and insect stings.
www.allergymedicaluk.comAllergy Medical UK provide modern, professional investigation and treatment for patients suffering with a wide range of allergic conditions and other types of reactivity. Allergy Medical's aim is to enable you to overcome and prevent a wide range of allergies and immune conditions.

Dairy Free
www.lactoseintolerance.co.uk A UK site for people who are dairy allergic or lactose intolerant. This site gives you information of what to do and where to go if you or a member of your family have a problem digesting cow's milk.
www.cakebaker.co.uk Non-dairy and vegan baking recipes and tip tips.
www.puredairyfree.co.uk Soya, Sunflower and Organic Spreads for specific dietary requirements and healthier lifestyles

Gluten Free
www.glutenfree.co.uk The Gluten Free Bakers -Producers of a range of breads, biscuits, rolls, puddings and other bakery supplies suitable for the Gluten Free shopper.
www.coeliacs.co.uk The Coeliacs Society UK - One of the largest donation funded charities of its kind, supporting 43,000 members who are living with Coeliacs disease, Dermatitis and related conditions.
https A gluten-free blog by Sarah Howells exploring gluten-free recipes etc.
www.cakebaker.co.uk Making Gluten-Free cakes can be a challenge. Top tips and advice here from Cakebaker.
jeenaskitchen.blogspot.com A non-profit online healthy food blog with many gluten free photo recipes.
Gluten-free recipe index

www.diabetes.org.uk Diabetes UK is the new name of the British Diabetic Association - the leading charity working for people with diabetes, funding research, campaigning and helping people live with the condition
www.type2plan.co.uk A really good resource site for those discovering that they have diabetes. Practical guidance and suggestions.

General Information etc...
www.cambridge-nutritional.com Cambridge Nutritional Sciences offer diagnostic and screening health tests including Food Intolerance testing and Coeliac Screening. Simply collect your sample at home using a kit provided and post to the laboratory for testing.
www.yorktest.com As Europe’s leading specialist in food intolerance testing, York Nutritional Laboratory has been bringing relief to sufferers of food related illnesses worldwide for 25 years.
www.specialfoods.com We offer a life altering process of discovery and change that begins with dietary intervention and ends with complete relief from symptoms associated with foods and environmental factors.
www.eatwellcard.co.uk The Eatwellcard - Offering visitors a wide range of resources including free articles, and advice, and also a provider of ITEC certified health advice over the telephone or Internet connection.
www.tailormadediet.co.uk Sharon Okin began this Oxfordshire based company to help those on special diets. She offers recipe demonstrations, cookery courses, advice and consultation. Some of the conditions she works with are Crohn's Disease, IBS, Autism, Diabetes, eczema and hyperactivity. The company has recently added their recipe book to the website, which you can have unlimited access to, for a very small fee.
www.alcat.co.uk The ALCAT Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test is a simple blood test that help sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Asthma, Eczema, Arthritis, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Migraines and many other seemingly chronic ailments. Your blood can be analysed against over 150 items including foods, additives, colourings, drugs and moulds. Free information pack available.
www.foodfreefrom.co.uk FOOD FREE FROM provides a Directory of Eating Places in the U.K. The idea is that you will easily be able to find somewhere to eat out in a safe and hassle free way.
www.harid.co.uk A directory of hotels, guest houses and restaurants geared up to handle special diets.
www.novotest.co.uk NOVO is a sophisticated blood analysis that identifies the body’s sensitivity to particular foods; a personalised eating plan is then created with a full support package including one-on-one access to qualified nutritionists and medical experts.
www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk NHS information about diet and nutrition
www.gstt.nhs.uk Paediatric Allergy Service Allergic disease is becoming more common in the UK with nearly 40% of children having an allergic diagnosis. Guy's Hospital now has a special Children's allergy web page.
www.go2air.co.uk The driving force behind the products that Allergy & Intolerance Resources bring you, is someone with personal experience, both as a child growing up with special dietary requirements, and living day to day as an adult with the same dietary restrictions now.
whatallergy.com From one allergy sufferer to another. Ruth Holdroyd's blog covering allergies and many interesting associated issues.

Other Special Diets

www.clearspring.co.ukClearspring range of award winning organic foods. Fantastic Japanese organic foods.

www.vegansociety.com The Vegan Society: promoting ways of living which avoid the use of animal products- for the benefit of people, animals and the environment
www.vegfamily.com Vegan Parenting Online!

www.vegsoc.org The Vegetarian Society of the UK
www.vegetariantimes.com The Vegetarian Times - A magazine for vegetarians

All Special Diets
www.dietarycard.com Do you experience difficulty in making your requests discreetly understood in restaurants and hotels, particularly when travelling on holiday or business?. Here at dietarycard.com we can take the ordeal out of ordering.
www.bda.uk.com The British Dietetic Association
www.soycoffee.com Smooth, delicious and packed with vitamins, Soyfee is the amazing coffee alternative for people with discriminating tastes -- people who are looking for a really great hot beverage without giving up the enticing flavor of gourmet coffee.
www.macrobiotics.co.uk The Macrobiotic guide to balanced living.
www.winchester-diet.co.uk The Winchester Diet Lifestyle is for All Ages, designed to give disillusioned dieters the get-up-and-go to achieve a slimmer, fitter, happier and healthier body
www.kosherceliaccookery.com Traditional and modern Jewish recipes, which have been adapted for gluten free diets within the kosher concept.
www.nutritionalmedicine.org.uk This is one of the few British websites offering information and advice to sufferers from all those symptoms caused by allergies, food intolerances, Candida or other yeast infections. We specialise in using the very latest advances in allergy testing and in nutritional medicine to help people suffering from long-standing problems which are hard to explain.

Ethical and Environmental Sites

www.morethangifts.co.ukMore Than Gifts specialises in authentic handcrafted gifts and presents sourced from Fairtrade producers and small village communities. Inspiring and unusual gift ideas for all occasions.
www.treeaid.org.ukTREE AID works village by village to support communities to meet their basic needs and secure vital income from trees, through training for and funding of community forestry projects.
www.goselfsufficient.co.ukLearn how to become self-sufficient. Contains over 70 articles all written by our team of experts and we add around 3 new articles each month.
www.atmos.uk.comAtmos heating, experts in low carbon heating. Atmos heating systems are designed to maximize energy efficiency, reduce fuel bills and minimise carbon footprint. Atmos produce “solar compatible” combi boilers and are industry award winners. Highly recommended.

www.organicfood.co.uk Established in 1986, Organic Food Federation (OFF) became an officially registered European approved inspection and certification body prior to introduction of European union organic regulations in 1983.
www.soilassociation.org.uk The Soil Association is a membership charity which has been researching and promoting organic farming as the key to sustainable agriculture since 1946. It is the UK's leading campaigning organisation and certification body for organic food and farming.
www.allorganiclinks.com All Organic Links directory - a comprehensive, one-stop, listing system for the organic industry.
www.organic.org What is organic? Find answers to frequently asked questions.
www.organiclinker.com A directory of links to organic companies and services.
www.organicfacts.net Source of factual information on different aspects of Organic Living including Organic Food, Organic Gardening, Organic Stores and Organic Cosmetics.

www.fairtrade.org.uk Guaranteeing a better deal for poor producers
www.foe.co.uk Friends of the Earth inspires solutions to environmental problems which make life better for people.
www.healthy-house.co.uk Everything here for a 'healthy house'. For those with allergies, and their families.
www.newconsumer.com New Consumer Magazine - the UK's top Ethical Lifestyle magazine - gone TV stylie!
www.greatgifts.org Gifts that make a world of difference World Vision Alternative Gifts are life-changing. Friends and family receive greeting cards with details of gifts that they know will make a big difference. Communities in developing countries request the essentials they need to change their lives. You can be sure your gifts will be really appreciated both here and by families around the world.

Weight Management

www.dietpolicy.comDiets specialits. Detailed information on high fibre diets, cholesterol lowering herbs, herbal dietary supplements and detox diet plans.
www.weightlossresources.co.ukWeight loss program and diet tools for healthy weight loss
www.lipotrimprestwich.co.ukPrestwich Pharmacy Lipotrim website is to help people lose weight using the lipotrim programme. Professional and qualified staff helping you with fast weight loss every step of the way.
www.looseyourfat.comA wealth of articles and information for people wishing to manage their weight.
www.dietfreedom.co.ukReputable online health and weight loss website service based on the proven low GL diet and using the effective EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to conquer the triggers that lead you to ‘comfort’ eat and sabotage your efforts. They have ready made plans (or make up your own), plus you can ‘ask the expert’ and use all of the many membership services and tools.


www.foodmatters.comThe complete resource site for those on special diets, or with food allergies and sensitivities.
www.inbalancemagazine.comOffering a whole world of information on alternative health issues, organic food news, competitions etc.
www.allergymagazine.comThe new Lifestyle magazine for people with allergies
wwww.hfonline.co.ukThe magazine fully focuses on being healthy and fit with many tips and forums.
www.babygroe.co.ukYour forum for natural parenting issues!
www.pages4women.comOnline women's magazine providing regular articles on a wide range of subjects from health and lifestyle to business ideas. Free E-books for Members and membership is free!
www.newconsumer.comThe UK's hottest Ethical Lifestyle Magazine

Other Health Sites

www.naturalproducts.co.ukNatural Products News is Britain's leading trade magazine for the healthfood trade.
www.meassociation.org.ukThe ME Association is a registered charity for those suffering from ME and related conditions.
www.questhealthlibrary.comQuestHealthLibrary.com is a great source for information on health conditions, vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs and more
www.patient.co.ukPatient UK is a directory of UK websites that provide information on health, disease and illness.
www.health.comA great health magazine for all to enjoy and best of all it is free.
www.eczema.orgThe National Eczema Society is the only organisation in the UK and one of the most established organisations worldwide dedicated to the needs of people with eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin.
www.thebalidiet.comDirect from Bali - loose weight the natural way.
www.meadlabs.comAccurate hormone testing and analysis that is fast and convenient.
www.essential-nutrition.co.ukEssential Nutritions mission is to empower people to transform their health through the development of personalised nutrition programmes aims at alleviating health issues and promoting long-term optimum health.
www.msrc.co.ukThe Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre is a national charity dedicated to supporting anyone affected by MS. The Best Bet Diet is now a major part of their information and it is recommended that everyone should understand the science behind this crucial nutritional approach.
www.thenutritioncoach.co.ukCombining nutritional therapy and life coaching principles to help you achieve outstanding results in all areas of your life.
www.mesupport.bigstep.comSupport and resources for those suffering from M.E
www.menopause-black-cohosh.orgLooking for a trustworthy resource on Menopause and Black Cohosh? Be sure to stop by the Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center. You'll be sure to find the latest information on topics like what products to take, what to avoid, and how to ease Menopause's symptoms.
www.ostrust.co.ukOverton Studios Trust. A UK registered Christian Charity providing world wide support and holistic healing for sufferers from ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Viral Syndrome, Fibromyalgi, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.
www.acne-information.orgAcne Treatment Product. Acne information, articles, product reviews and acne resources
www.clearlifecoaching.comSharon Taylor (MSc Psychology) is a life coach who is passionate about helping clients to design and live a healthier lifestyle. Topics include weight loss/healthy eating, general well-being, exercise and smoking. Free, no obligation telephone consultation offered.
juicershq.comA comprehensive resource for anyone needing a juicer or info on juicing.
www.kidsaware.co.ukAwareness clothing and accessories for kids with nut allergies.
www.candidablog.comA candida albicans, anti-fungals and alternative medicine run by herbalist Wendy Smith. Help and advice about colon cleansing and candida.
www.shs-nutrition.comMedical Nutrition, Dietary Conditions, Food Allergy, Special Energy Requirements:
www.rio-frio.comRio Frio Holidays provide year-round fitness training, weight-loss and multi-activity breaks and boot camps in Andalucia, Southern Spain - one of the most beautiful areas of Europe.
www.autismclinic.co.ukDr Asha Chagarlamudi has developed a special interest in Autism and follows the DAN Protocol to treat children with Autism.
healthygeeks.netHealthy Geeks is aimed at providing top health advice backed by evidence.
www.healthline.comGet connected to new MS treatments and clinical trials. Clinical trials are used to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new treatments. All new medications and treatment devices must be thoroughly tested before they can be approved for wide use by the FDA.
www.nutritionroots.co.ukNutritionRoot is the home of Nutritional Therapy Council Registered Practitioner Kate Segal DipRAW MBANT who firmly believes that food is the root to health.

Sports Nutrition

www.bodybuilding.comThe largest and most complete bodybuilding site online!!
www.weights.comBritain's official Weightlifting and Powerlifting organisation.
www.flexonline.comPopular bodybuilding and general weightlifting magazine.
www.mrprotein.comAmerican source of sports nutrition products

General Food

General Interest

www.pressurecookerpros.comTips for Vegan cooking from the Pressure Cooker Pros
www.bigfoto.comNot strictly health but there are lots of great free images on www.bigfoto.com.
www.clearspring.co.ukClearspring source wonderful oriental foods from the East and bring them to us here in the UK. This site is crammed with interesting info and recipes about Japanese foods.
www.foodsmatter.comA substantial archive of articles on food allergy and intolerance as well as the conditions they can cause and where to turn for help.
www.holistic-cooking.co.ukHolistic Cooking School, based near Totnes, South Devon. Our cooking courses are based on the Macrobiotic and Oriental Medicine approach to healthy eating.
www.bobbysfund.orgIn April 2005 3 year old Bobby Wright was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare aggressive childhood cancer. Bobbys Dad set up Bobbys fund to help Bobby and other children like him.
www.freshmangosteen.comXanGo® Juice is a nutritious drink made from mangosteen fruit.
www.fish-4-ever.com None of the fish species we pack are endangered. Our methods are dolphin-friendly, albatross-friendly, turtle-friendly and shark-friendly. We avoid by-catch and discard of unwanted fish. We avoid, insofar as is possible, catching small or juvenile fish. We avoid fishing during breeding seasons or in spawning grounds. We do not use any destructive fishing practices or equipment, for example long-lines, setting on FADs with purse-seine nets, bottom trawling, Our methods do not have a negative impact on the eco-system, for example coral reefs or the food and fauna on the ocean floor. We look at the overall situation and try to support better managed seas.
www.organico.co.ukOrganico offer the widest range of organic Mediterranean specialities on the market.
www.daikin-air-purifiers.co.ukAir Purifiers and Air Filters. Remove 99.6% of allergens, 99.99% of bacteria, and break down 95% of odours in the home.
www.e-outdoor.co.ukWhite and Bishop - the outdoor specialists selling top brand names such as The North Face, Berghaus, Brasher, Craghoppers, Barbour, Icebreaker, Merrell and many more top outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment brand names. White+Bishop (e-outdoor) are a long established independent Outdoor company who, in addition to selling all types of camping equipment and gear, outdoor clothing and footwear, tents and more through their online UK shop, also operate two busy retail stores in Northampton and Rugby.
www.thegablesschoolofcookery.co.ukFeatured in Channel 4's Country House Rescue programme, the Gables School of Cookery offers cookery courses to provide the necessary skills for people from all backgrounds and ages. If you want to pursue a professional catering career or are an enthusiast seeking to cook with confidence and flair for friends and family then the cookery school will be able to help. They offer one day cookery courses, one week courses and four week residential cookery courses. The latter will bring you to a standard of cookery that that you would expect to find in a good restaurant.
www.nutritionist-resource.org.ukNutritionist Resource only lists nutritionists who are registered with a recognised professional body or those who have sent us copies of their qualifications and insurance cover.

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