Lily's Kitchen Organic Cheese & Apple Treats Dry Dog Food 100g

Lily's Kitchen Organic Cheese & Apple Treats Dry Dog Food 100g

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Lily’s kitchen dog treats with organic cheese and apple

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More about Lily's Kitchen Organic Cheese & Apple Treats Dry Dog Food

Nothing is more rewarding than teaching your dog to sit, stay and roll over, although sometimes it seems like the impossible. So Lily's Kitchen have developed these organic mini bone shaped biscuits to keep their attention and to say well done. Made with fresh russet apples and mature Farmhouse Cheddar, their training treats are low in fat, high in taste and full of healthy ingredients!


Natural and Organic Light Rye Flour
Natural and Organic Whole Oats
Natural and Organic Apples (10%)
Natural and Organic Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese (6%)
Nutritional Yeast
Natural and Organic Sunflower Oil
Natural and Organic Flaxseeds
Natural and Organic Rosehips


Nutritional Information

Protein 11%, Oil 6%, Ash 2%, Moisture 9%, Fibre 6%.

Other Information

Lily’s kitchen came about because Lily (the dog) suffered from itchy ears and a skin problem that just wouldn’t go away. When her owner Henrietta started feeding her home cooked holistic meals Lily’s skin problem cleared up altogether. Many of the health problems that our pets face can be tackled by feeding them good nutritious food which is designed and balanced to fit the natural requirements of their diets. Lily’s kitchen make organic and holistic pet food which aims to eliminate the cause of pet illness rather then just treating the symptoms.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Certified organic
  • Healthy baked treats to help you achieve the impossible!
  • Farmhouse cheddar
  • Calcium for teeth
  • Fresh apples
  • Vet approved

Natural ingredients for optimum health
Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese - Tasty source of calcium
Apples - Tasty and healthy
Rosehips - A rich source of vitamin C
Flaxseed - For organ health and shiny coat

- Suitable for puppies.


Customer reviews - Lily's Kitchen Organic Cheese & Apple Treats Dry Dog Food 100g


Healthy Treats for Dogs! - Wed 25th Feb 2015

I purchased a bag each of these Cheese and Apple treats for a Fox Terrier and a Spinone. The treats are small and more suited to the smaller breed, but the big one enjoyed them as well. Not as satisfying for a big dog but good for in a pocket out and about and training purposes. Lily's are ethical in their production of dog foods which makes it an attractive choice. The big Spinone won't touch the trays of food which is a shame because the ingredients sound lovely.

- Mon 10th Feb 2014

The perfect size for training with my Jack Russell puppy.

- Thu 4th Jul 2013

My dog and cat love these and I love the fact that they are organic and full of good ingredients. Highly recommend.

Dog treats - Fri 22nd Feb 2013

These mini bone-shaped treats are the perfect size for training or just a a small treat for your dog. My Westie loves them, and it's great that they are organic and fully of natural, healthy ingredients.

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