Lily's Kitchen Organic Chicken & Spelt Supper for Dogs 150g

Lily's Kitchen Organic Chicken & Spelt Supper for Dogs 150g

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Lily's Kitchen Proper Food for Dogs Organic Chicken Supper with Carrots & Peas 150g

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More about Lily's Kitchen Organic Chicken & Spelt Supper for Dogs

Lily’s kitchen organic chicken an spelt supper for dogs is a 100% organic dog food made entirely from organic meat, organic vegetables and organic herbs. This organic dog food is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and other sensitivities.

Lily's Kitchen believe pets should eat proper pet food. Many common health problems in pets stem from a diet that isn’t providing all the nutrients our pets need to stay healthy. This Lily’s kitchen pet food is totally organic pet food. The ingredients in these natural meals for pets is sourced from organic farms and prepared in small batches in organic kitchens. This organic dog food is made with all the love you would put into making a wholesome chicken dinner for your family.

Serving Suggestion

Feeding Instructions: Food should be served at room temperature. A bowl of fresh water should be nearby.
Store in a cool dry place. Once opened, refrigerate and use within 2 days.


54%: Organic Chicken 28%, Organic Pork 12%, Organic Beef 10%, Organic Fish 4%
Organic Vegetables 5% (Organic Carrots and Organic Peas)
Organic Spelt
Vitamins and Chelated Minerals
Organic Alfalfa
Organic Cleavers
Organic Kelp
Organic Spirulina

Nutritional Information

Moisture 82%, 
Crude Protein 9.5%
Crude Oil & Fats 6%
Crude Ash 2.2%
Crude Fibre 0.3%

Nutritional Additives per kg:
Vitamin D 140IU
Zinc Chelate of amino acids hydrate 34mg
Cupric Chelate of amino acids hydrate 2mg
Manganous CHelate of Aminio Aicds Hydrate 1.6mg
Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 0.47mg
Carageenan 0.51g

Other Information

Lily’s kitchen came about because Lily (the dog) suffered from itchy ears and a skin problem that just wouldn’t go away. When her owner Henrietta started feeding her home cooked holistic meals Lily’s skin problem cleared up altogether. Many of the health problems that our pets face can be tackled by feeding them good nutritious food which is designed and balanced to fit the natural requirements of their diets. Lily’s kitchen make organic and holistic pet food which aims to eliminate the cause of pet illness rather then just treating the symptoms.

- No rendered meats or derivatives
- Nothing Genetically Modified, no artificial preservatives, colours, taste enhancers or sweeteners
- No wheat, corn or soya
- Certified Organic (Organic Farmers & Growers)
- Suitable for Puppies


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