Veggi Wash Fruit Too Fruit & Vegetable Wash Concentrate 500ml

Veggi Wash Fruit Too Fruit & Vegetable Wash Concentrate 500ml

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A tasteless wash which removes farm chemicals, waxes, surface grime & insects. Makes 100 litres of active solution.

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Add 1 or 2 capfuls to 5 litres of cold water, wash or soak produce thoroughly for 1 or 2 minutes. Rinse well and eat or store as normal.


Plantaren, sucrose esters, cocoyl glutamate (from coconut, (sweetcorn and palm kernel oils), trisodium citrate and glycerine, (all vegetable derived).

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The surface of fresh vegetables and fruit can be contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives. The produce is exposed to atmospheric fumes, dust and exhaust, also airborne and handling micro-organisms. This patented product will neutralise harmful chemicals and rapidly assist in the removal of toxic grime and insects. Veggi Wash is five times better than water alone at cleaning produce. Veggi Wash contains three naturally based surface- active ingredients - one to reduce surface tension on the produce, a second renders materials soluble and the third breaks them down prior to rinsing. All three are vegetable derived.

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Customer reviews - Veggi Wash Fruit Too Fruit & Vegetable Wash Concentrate 500ml


Clean, Safe, Fresh - Sat 24th Jun 2017

I love the taste of my fruit and veg after using Veggi Wash and it's a simple way of getting rid of any pesticides that you can't see and dirt that you can.

A valuable product - Wed 25th Jun 2014

Great, simple idea yet something unique on the market, it's very easy to use and a little goes a long way. Not harsh on the hands or the food so very impressed with it.

Peace of mind - Tue 18th Mar 2014

A mild detergent that gives a light foam according to dilution. I am now in the habit of soaking all non-organic produce upon bringing it home, then draining and patting dry with kitchen towel before refridgeration/storage. I can't say that the soak water has turned particularly murky, but I do have added peace of mind and aside from pesticides etc it washes away dust and other debris so well worth it.

- Tue 7th May 2013

I try and buy organic veg and fruit, but can't always afford it. The next best thing is to wash fresh produce in this, as it gets rid of the nasties that water by itself won't. This concentrated refill goes a long way.

Love this stuff - Wed 10th Oct 2012

When I initially tried this I washed some fruit/veg normally in regular tap water, and soaked the rest in the veggie wash and I could see the difference. The regular washed fruit/veg looked 'clean' but still felt sticky as many do nowadays unless they're purely organic, and the group washed in the veggie wash left murky water and were not sticky. I've been using this ever since, and I've found that I can use the same water for multiple batches of cleaning. The murkiness of the water depends on how 'dirty' the fruit/veg are to start with and if the water is very murky after using it once I wouldn't recommend using it twice but if it's fairly clear it's easy to re-use. I find this particularly helpful when washing difficult items that are prone to carrying other things like spinach which always has a lot of soil/sand.

Great - Mon 27th Aug 2012

Love this even though I buy mostly organic vegetables and fruit they still need a good wash

Clean Clean Clean - Mon 6th Jun 2011

I bought this when there was a whisper of possible nasties on our veg/salad/fruit and it is so economical and easy to use. As I have been eating lots more raw food I think this is an invaluable product. I will be taking some away on holiday to Turkey next month to be on the safe side.

Weggi Wash - Thu 21st Jan 2010

This is a wonderful product and I think that all supermarkets should stock it because it really does clean the fruit and vegetables (the taste of your fruit improves once you have used it)of grime, chemicals etc. I started to used this in 1988. I still rave about it. Just now I washed some blueberries from Chile bought from Waitrose. The initial grime on the fruit just melted off leaving the water murkey... which means that there's something to be said for Veggi Wash....

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