Ecover Household Range All Purpose Cleaner 1ltr

Ecover Household Range All Purpose Cleaner 1ltr

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Ecover ecological all purpose lemon cleaner

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More about Ecover Household Range All Purpose Cleaner

Cuts through grease and grime effectively and eaves all hard washable surfaces sparkling clean.

Produced with a newly developed Biosurfactant formula, this ecological All Purpose Cleaner from Ecover, naturally and hygienically cleans all hard, washable surfaces.
Fragranced with the pleasant scent of natural lemon, this All Purpose Cleaner harnesses the effective cleaning power of nature, leaving no residues of unnecessary chemicals.
This cleaner is designed to have miniumum impact upon aquatic life, yet is still strong enough to be suitable for septic tanks. It is fully bio-degradable


Use 1 or 2 capfuls in half a bucket of warm water (about 5 litres). For obstinate stains use undiluted and was off with a soft wet cloth. Wipe with a dry cloth for extra sparkle. 1 cap = 30ml


30% water, 5% non-ionic surfactants, fatty acids, alcohol, citrate, lactic acid, glyceryl, caprylate, perfume (type: citrus, contains limonene)

Other Information

Ecover bottles are designed to be refilled where facilities exist. This product is made at ecover's ecological factory.

Customer reviews - Ecover Household Range All Purpose Cleaner 1ltr


Ecover All Purpose Cleaner - Mon 16th Apr 2018

This all purpose cleaner smells great and works just as well any conventional cleaner!

Amazing cleaner - Mon 18th Apr 2016

Seriously powerful cleaner without nasties that damage the environment and are not great for our health. Personally, I think this is as effective as a cleaner as any product that isn't environmentally friendly. Also has multitude of uses.

Good value - Fri 28th Feb 2014

This size is better value than the 500ml bottle. I find Ecover All Purpose Cleaner very good. Does exactly as it says without horrible strong chemicals. Only problem is the wide bottle top means you often use more than you intend to. Nice smell.

Review for Ecover Household Range, All Purpose Cle - Thu 11th Apr 2013

I love all Ecovers products, and this one is a great alternative to all those other overpowering chemical products.

- Sun 11th Nov 2012

This has a lovely light, citrus scent that lingers after I've cleaned my floors. The only downside is that you have to work quite hard with the product to remove tougher stains and spills.

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