Ecover Dishwasher Tablets 25 tabs

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets 25 tabs

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Easy dosing, eco-friendly dishwasher tablets for dishwashers.

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Use one tablet in the soap dispenser.


30% citrate, 15-30% carbonate, 5-15% silicate, percarbonate, 5% non-ionic active washing matter from sugar, polypeptide, sugar based bleaching activator, lemon extracts, enzymes 30% citrate, 15-30% carbonate.

These eco-friendly dishwasher tablets are hygenic as well as safe and efficient. They have dual action for effective cleaning and degreasing, htye leave no residue of unnecessary chemicals on your dishes, so say goodbye to the smudgy water marks on your dishes!

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Phosphate and chlorine free.


Customer reviews - Ecover Dishwasher Tablets 25 tabs


They last for ages! - Mon 8th Feb 2016

These tablets that are kind to the environment, clean effectively and leave a fresh natural smell when you open your dishwasher after a wash. Only half a tablet is needed for a usual wash. I break them in half using a serrated knife, scoring the middle and snapping them in two. A bit of a task but worth it economically and environmentally.

Sparkling dishes - Wed 25th Jun 2014

Works very well, surprisingly well - doesn't leave any stains or grime and everything smells really clean/fresh.

good result - Mon 30th Sep 2013

Like the result of the tablets dissolved well in my dishwasher with powerful results without the toxic effects of other brands

Works very well - Tue 20th Sep 2011

These work even better than non eco-friendly tablets, at least in my dishwasher. Highly recommend.

- Sat 2nd Jul 2011

Very efficient, smells great and minimum impact.

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