Ecover Concentrated Floor Soap 1ltr

Ecover Concentrated Floor Soap 1ltr

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Specially designed to clean and protect various untreated natural floors such as real linoleum, quarry tiles, marble, dolomite and travertine.

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As Ecover Floor Cleaner removes dirt and grime, the saponified oils fill the natural pores in the floor so that, with regular use, they protect the floor and develop a deep natural lustre. For special surfaces or when in doubt, consult manufacturer's instructions.

100% bio-degradable bottle

Also comes in a 5ltr bottle.


Dilute 1-2 capfuls in 5 litres of warm water and apply with a cloth or mop. Rinse off with clean water and allow to dry or for best results, dry with a clean cloth.

Can only be used on un-treated natural flooring such as marble, concrete or linoleum - not to be used on varnished, sealed, waxed, or polished flooring. Not suitable for laminate.


Over 30%: water; 15-30%: linseed oil based soap; under 5%: citronella oil.


Customer reviews - Ecover Concentrated Floor Soap 1ltr


Really works well - Wed 25th Jun 2014

I use this on my laminate flooring and mats - it's really great and effective and not as harsh or detergent smelling like more supermarket floor cleaners. A little goes a really long way and it takes off any stickiness and stains plus it smells very fresh.

- Mon 3rd Mar 2014

Ecover's Floor Soap is a great floor cleaner for various types of flooring. It doesn't leave the surface sticky like some brands do. It's also re-assuring to know there are not nasty strong chemicals in it. Seems to last forever!

No insects here - Wed 30th Dec 2009

This Ecover Floor soap is very concentrated so you only need a little, I have made that mistake more than once! This makes Ecover Floor soap very economical, but what I really wanted to mention was that it is fragranced with citronella, which not only smells great, clean and fresh, but it is also an insect repellent. So should any bugs have thought of venturing onto your clean floors they will surely think again.

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