Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Rolls

Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Rolls

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A compostable, kitchen towel made from recycled paper.

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Made from 100% recycled fibre sourced from within the UK.
No chlorine is used in the production process.
Ecoleaf kitchen roll is wrapped in Bioplast, a plasticizer-free & fully compostable packaging. It will biodegrade totally under the influence of soil-based microorganisms without the need for human intervention. Made from potato starch & natural co-polymers, it is both sustainable & renewable.

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Customer reviews - Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Rolls


- Sun 26th Jun 2016

Good value, very absorbent, very big kitchen rolls.

Very good/economical - Sat 19th Dec 2015

I have used recycled kitchen roll for a few years but find the supermarket brands acceptable but not very thick and seemed to get through a lot of it. I thought I'd try this one, its very good, thick and 3 times the size, plus added bonus of being softer than what previously been using. I like that the wrapping is made biodegradable too. It is also 3 ply which is good. No chlorine or plastics so very eco sound. Will be trying out Ecoleaf toilet rolls next.

Good quality - Wed 25th Jun 2014

Nice big roll that lasts long, doesn't tear too easily and is soft enough though I'm not too bothered about that for kitchen roll but it is a nice touch.

Top quality! - Tue 8th Apr 2014

So much better than the highstreet brands and the false economy cheaper makes - these actually last a long a time in the kitchen even with regular use, excellent value for money!

- Wed 11th Sep 2013

Great value, lasts for ages and is very absorbent. Huge!

Top Marks! - Tue 4th Jun 2013

Goes a long way and is very affordable. Works very well and best of all, it's degradable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

- Tue 24th Jul 2012

Best kitchen roll ever! Great value big pack, incredibly soft and strong, and eco-friendly too!

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