Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid 5ltr

Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid 5ltr

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Biodegradable washing up liquid suitable for vegans too.

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More about Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid

Ecoleaf A unique range of environmentally friendly household cleaning products that are non-toxic and safe for use around the home. The Ecoleaf range of cleaning products are derived from plant extracts and are based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients. Normal cleaning products are derived from petroleumbased resources and may contain harsh chemicals such as phosphates, caustics and other chemicals that can be hazardous to the user and the environment. Their ingredients are all derived from plant materials, and all products are safe for the environment. All the extracted plant ingredients are from sustainable sources.

  • Unlike many environmentally friendly cleaning products on the UK market this range is actually produced in the UK
  • Approved by the BUAV who campaign against all animal experiments
  • All products are registered with the Vegan Society
  • All containers are recyclable
  • Ecoleaf household cleaning range is effective yet gentle, the natural solution to household cleaning.


One squeeze is enough for a sink full of normal dirty dishes.


Water >30%, plant derived anionic surfactants 5-15%, plant derived non-ionic surfactants <5%, plant derived amphoteric surfactants <5%; contains natural fragrance, sodium hydroxmethyl glycinate and d-limonene.


Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs flush with plenty of water. If swallowed seek medical advice. Always keep your washing and cleaning products out of children's reach.

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Suma, HX5 9DB

Not Tested on Animals, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid 5ltr


Ecoleaf Washing-Up Liquid - Fri 24th May 2013

Great value bulk-buy. I have this bottle under the sink, and it's fab. I also buy other smaller bottles from time to time to vary the fragrance :)

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