Weleda Citrus Deodorant 100ml

Weleda Citrus Deodorant 100ml

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Fresh fragrance with pure essential oils

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The natural formulation of Weleda Citrus Deodorant allows for repeated application throughout the day, as often as required.


Alcohol, water (aqua), fragrance (parfum), Citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil, limonene, linalool, geraniol, citral, farnesol.

Other Information

Free from synthetic additives including fragrance, colour or preservatives, and made without raw materials derived from mineral oils.
Free from anti-perspirants such as Aluminium salts.
Free from phthalate.
Free from propellants.


Customer reviews - Weleda Citrus Deodorant 100ml


Works well and smells great - Thu 17th Dec 2015

Both my boyfriend and I use this, it smells really fresh and delicious, and doesn't overwhelm like most chemical deodorants. Overall I would say it works well, particularly compared to other natural deodorants I have tried. I use it only in the winter though, because it doesn't quite cut it in summer for me, though for my boyfriend it works well no matter what the weather is (embarrassing for me!).

Lovely fragrance - Tue 24th Nov 2015

I have struggled to find a more natural deodorant that does the trick. This is probably the best one I have found thus far. It smells lovely and is not full of harsh chemicals. I spray 3 or 4 spritzes per underarm and on the whole it does work rather well. However, some days I find it does not last all day. I will continue to use this while I hunt for something that can last all day.

- Wed 29th Oct 2014

Very pleasant - not too strong, lovely fragrance

Excellent Deodorant - Fri 27th Jun 2014

I've used many different natural deodorants and have always been disappointed. So I was a little sceptical about the efficacy of this product. How wrong I was! This deodorant is amazing! I use about 3-4 sprays per underarm and it lasts all day, even in extremely hot weather, and whilst running around at work.

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