Bio-D Home & Garden Sanitiser 5ltr

Bio-D Home & Garden Sanitiser 5ltr

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A natural and biodegradable household product.

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More about Bio-D Home & Garden Sanitiser

Use this biodegradeable home and garden sanitizer on patios, paths, driveways, decking, water butts, wate bins sinks and drains to clean neutralise and disinfect.

Made in the UK Bio-D only produce cleaning products that are responsibly sourced from sustainable, natural and plant based raw materials. Tested for allergys, this is Allergy Uk certified.


Directions: Shake bottle before use. For Light Soiling (work surfaces etc) use 1 part disinfectant to 10 parts water. For Medium Soiling (floors and sinks etc) use 1 part Disinfectants to 5 parts water. For Heavy Soiling (drains and odours) use neat.


Aqua, Eucalyptus, Globulus, Amphoretic Surfactant, Non-ionic surfactant.

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Manufacturer's Address

The Bio D Co Ltd

Unit 31 

Bergen Way 



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Not Tested on Animals, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Bio-D Home & Garden Sanitiser 5ltr


- Tue 20th Dec 2016

Seems to work well and it's great to have a disinfectant product that's also easy on the environment.

great product - Thu 19th Mar 2015

Have used this in the garden a lot as having 2 dogs running around...cleans up after them with a pleasant smell....also use this for the dustbin...a little diluted swilled in the bottom works wonders...the bottle lasts a long while...well worth buying

FAB! - Mon 24th Mar 2014

My husband and I have used this cleaner for years! It is the most wonderful, economical, fresh, and safe cleaner I've ever used. We mix it with water in a refillable spray bottle. If you're worried it can't handle super greasy or stubborn/dried food clean ups like the horrible heavily 'chemicalised' types do, try spraying and leaving on the affected area a few minutes before cleaning. We highly recommend this product!

Bio-D Disinfectant 5ltr - Sat 25th Aug 2012

As a person with perfume sensitivities I've had major problems in the past finding acceptable cleaning products, but this Bio-D disinfectant is brilliant. It smells pleasantly of eucalyptus oil without being overpowering and does the job really well. I was a bit concerned about buying such a large size in case it went 'off' before I got through it, but it lasts for years without any problems and I'm now on my second 5 litres.

eco friendly cleaning products - Mon 23rd Apr 2012

Lovely disinfectant cleans really well, smells a little like vicks menthol rub, very fresh not over powering, just used nearly 5ltrs and will be back for more!

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