Sarakan Mouthfresh  300ml

Sarakan Mouthfresh 300ml

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Sarakan anti-plaque rinse containing natural extract of Salvadora persica - the ‘toothbrush tree’

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More about Sarakan Mouthfresh

Rinsing with Sarakan Mouthfresh improves mouth cleanliness and helps to remove plaque where your toothbrush does not reach.

Sarakan natural vegan mouthwash contains extract of Salvadora persica - the ‘toothbrush tree’. The fibrous twigs from this shrub have been chewed throughout Asia and the middle east for hundreds of years to promote and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Salvadora persica extract helps fight plaque and tartar and it’s powerful antiseptic properties improve general oral health. Research shows that Salvadora persica can also soften plaque, making it easier to remove when brushing.

This alcohol free mouthwash is flavoured with the natural oils of peppermint, clove & geranium which also contribute antiseptic properties.


Aqua, glycerine (vegetable), witch hazel, polysorbate 20, Salvadora persica, CPC, oils of peppermint, geranium and clove, chlorophyll.

Other Information

Sarakan mouth wash is Alcohol free, suitable for vegans, fluoride free, paraben free, and contains no artificial colours or sweeteners

This natural oral rinse is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation as beneficial to oral health and hygiene.

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Not Tested on Animals, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Sarakan Mouthfresh 300ml


- Fri 10th Nov 2017

Leaves a fresh, clean feeling and is pleasant to use

- Wed 17th Aug 2016

I've been battling peridontal disease but Sarakan has helped clear this up. It is refreshing and easy to use.

- Sun 26th Jun 2016

Had a bit of difficulty getting hold of a vegan mouthwash, glad I found this. Works well and I personally prefer the taste this leaves over the more mint heavy products

- Wed 17th Feb 2016

Not tested on animals - 5 Stars for that!! Also a great, economical product that I enjoy using. Family history of bad teeth made me seek out extra cover in the form of this mouthwash.

Fantastic - Tue 24th Nov 2015

I was delighted to find this mouthwash which is not full of nasty chemicals or artificial additives like other well known brands. It has a strong enough flavour for fresh breath and it does not taste like you are swishing something around your mouth that is doing more harm than good.

Sarakan Mouthfresh - Sat 14th Nov 2015

This is a lovely refreshing mouthwash. It is not too strong but leaves a subtle sweet taste in the mouth. I would definitely recommend it.

- Wed 19th Aug 2015

I saw the reviews and I give it a go. Is actually clean and fresh feeling but too soon to talk about result.

Great! - Mon 8th Jun 2015

I am so glad I bought these. I'm not a fan of strong mouthwash that burns your mouth. Sarakan has a nice subtle smell that left my mouth feeling clean and refreshed. I will definitely be buying more

- Tue 7th Apr 2015

I love the flavour of this and how clean and fresh it leaves my mouth feeling.

- Fri 3rd Oct 2014

I can't always brush my teeth because sometimes my gums are too delicate and can't withstand pressure, but a mouthwash usually does the trick with this one doing a fine job.

Much better than the usual - Thu 18th Sep 2014

Much better than the regular supermarket mouthwashes, this doesn't make you feel like your swishing detergent nor does it feel so strong that it seems like cold wind is passing through your teeth. This is more mellow in flavour and feel but cleans just as well.

Mild and not very minty - Tue 8th Jul 2014

I find this very mild and not minty enough for me, it doesn't leave me with the tooth-clean and fresh-mouth feel I am looking for.

- Tue 24th Jun 2014

A great "free from" mouth wash - the toothpaste is also very good.

- Sun 20th Jan 2013

Strong flavour, but otherwise really good product which works well

Great for all the family. - Tue 30th Oct 2012

This is the only mouthwash we use in our house, even my 8 year old uses it, and enjoys the minty taste. It's one of the most natural I've found, and harnesses the natural power of plants, rather than be filled with chemical rubbish. I think it's good value too.

Ordered more - Sun 20th Dec 2009

Lovely mouthwash. Gentle but does the job well. I love the taste too. Ordered more incase out of stock in future. Will be staying with this one. 10 out of 10.

The natural choice - Fri 18th Jul 2008

I was very glad to discover this product. Finally a mouth rinse that doesn't contain alcohol or artificial sweeteners and other chemical nasties. Very effective at cleaning too and especially good for sensitive gums. I had bleeding gums, but after using this product for 2 months inconjunction with the Sarakan toothpaste, I noticed a huge difference and no more bleeding gums. Highly recommended!

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