Rio GoGo Guaranį Buzz Gum 10pcs

Rio GoGo Guaranį Buzz Gum 10pcs

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The breath freshening sugar free gum with Guarana extract

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Sweetener (sorbitol), gum base, sweetener (xylitol 10%), guarana extract 7.4% (80mg), sweetener (maltitol syrup), flavours, glycerol, lecithin, colouring (E171), gum arabic, glazing agent (beeswax, carnaubawax).


Customer reviews - Rio GoGo Guaranį Buzz Gum 10pcs


Good - Thu 27th Apr 2017

These were nice flavour didn't last that long but a nice mint flavour to begin with. Very chewy, not noticed any affects such as alertness or anything yet though

- Fri 31st Jan 2014

I like this gum, nowadays it's hard to find a gum without aspartame, this fortunately has none of that. It tastes quite nice and is pretty chewy. Think nowadays that most people don't chew that much, lots of our food is soft and easy to eat, I find chewing improves my digestion, the health of my gums and teeth and does seem to aid concentration.

kids love - Sun 29th Sep 2013

My kids love this for school as not allowed any other gum that has aspartame which is most chewing gums - not sure the taste is that great and it does not last but apparently they like this for exams

Convenient and effective - Sun 7th Jul 2013

This is an immensely useful find for me- I am always rushing around wards, in clinics etc and don't have the facilities or the time to be able to stop and make a coffee when I am flagging. I can carry these around unobtrusively in my pocket and a pop of one of these gum sticks does the trick pretty rapidly. However, they've recently changed the formulation and I have to say I far preferred the original minty taste rather than the herby-grassy flavour they now have. If this wasn't such a useful product I'm not sure I would continue using them due to this. The gum itself is not as soft and chewable as normal chewing gum, but then that is not it's job. If find the gum also gives me a different type of 'buzz' than coffee, I can't quite describe it- and it certainly makes me more alert than a normal cup of coffee. Also, be careful not to pop more than one piece of gum in times of desperate need (e.g. post night-shift) as I find this gum is powerful and gives a longer lasting effect than coffee so you may well not be able to wind down to sleep come evening!

Buzz Gum - Wed 20th Feb 2013

Totally useless and tastes awful.

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