Mooncup Size B

Mooncup Size B

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An innovative alternative to tampons. Size B is recommended for women who have not given birth or who have had a caesarean section and aged below 30.

The mooncup can last for up to 8 hours giving cover from light to super plus days. This moon cup is reusable and will last for years.

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The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone. It is designed to be folded and inserted into your vagina to collect your menstrual blood. Once inside, it opens up and sits lower than a tampon. It is held in place by your vaginal muscles. The moon cup is intended to be emptied, rinsed and reinserted every 4 to 8 hours. It can be used safely overnight and when swimming or exercising - these are perfect especially for when travelling or during the festival season! Why Mooncup?
Healthier: The mooncup does not leave fibres behind or absorb the natural moisture used to help prevent infection. Also, unlike most cotton sanitary products it contain no pesticides or bleaches.

Greener: One women uses at least 11,000 throwaway sanitary products in a lifetime, which all end up in landfills or the sea.

Cheaper: You only need on mooncup which will last you for several years.


The mooncup is latex-free and contain no dyes, BPA, toxins, pesticides or bleaches. It is suitable for women with sensitive skin or allergies.

Other Information

Included in this box:
- One medical grade silicon Mooncup
- One organic cotton storage pouch - Clear and informative instruction booklet for how to use

Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Mooncup Size B


- Sun 10th May 2015

Great alternative, much more economical and great for the environment. Good to use a bit of coconut oil whilst inserting to avoid irritation and for comfort.

The amazing Mooncup! - Wed 27th Jan 2010

Ok, so I'll admit that when I got my first Mooncup I was a little daunted.. it looked a bit big, and it didn't seem like it would fit, plus it seemed messy and difficult to use. But I soon got the hang of it, and now I wouldn't be without it. The Mooncup never makes me feel dry or sore, and it allows me to avoid exposure to nasty chemicals in tampons. I NEVER have to buy another tampon or pad ever again, so there's no more environmentally unfriendly waste to dispose of, plus I'm saving a fortune! I had my first Mooncup for almost a decade before I lost it while moving house and had to order another one... these things really do last! br />br />You have to fold the Mooncup in half and slide it in with a little lubrication (your own natural lubrication will probably be sufficient) then let it pop open inside you. Removing it requires getting the knack of doing this procedure in reverse, which is a bit more difficult, and should be done while sitting on the toilet to prevent spillage. You then empty it out, and either wipe it with a damp tissue (in a public toilet) or (if you're at home) rinse it under the bathroom tap, and re-insert. After your period is over, just stick it in a glass of water with a sterilising tablet (the sort used for babies' bottles), leave it for half an hour, then dry it and put it away for next time. br />br />I would caution prospective buyers that this product is not for squeamish people who don't like to touch their own blood or themselves... you will have to stick your fingers inside during insertion and removal, and you will get blood on your hands. But hands can be wiped and washed, and tbh it's a small price to pay for environmental friendliness and safety. Also disregard what the blurb says about being over 30.. are we supposed to go all saggy after 30 or something? I'm in my 30s and still use the size B for women who have never given birth.

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