Lanes Tea Tree Oil (Dropper)    10ml

Lanes Tea Tree Oil (Dropper) 10ml

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100% pure tea tree oil with powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits.

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Recommended Dosage

For skin problems such as spots, cuts and insect bites apply tea tree oil neat. Can be diluted with sweet almond or wheatgerm oil for sensitive skin. For dandruff and other scalp conditions add a few drops of tea tree oil to shampoo.


100% pure Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil

Other Information

Not tested on animals.


Customer reviews - Lanes Tea Tree Oil (Dropper) 10ml


- Tue 6th Sep 2016

Good quality tea tree oil. I would say that I have purchased the same brand elsewhere and found it cheaper. I love tea tree oil. I find the fact that it comes straight from the tree having natural antibacterial and antifungal properties just brilliant! I've used for so many things, but especially in cleaning nappies and washable baby wipes. Great not to have to use harsh chemicals for a job that really needs doing well!

- Sun 10th May 2015

Seems like a high grade tea tree oil. I dilute it with water and use it to clean my face a few times a week.

Traditional helper - Thu 22nd Jan 2015

I love tea tree oil, it has a multitude of uses from cosmetic to household cleaning - it's also very moisturizing for the scalp and sore/dry skin.

love trea tree - Mon 30th Sep 2013

I like tea tree to disinfect around the home, use in laundry and good for first aid and spots etc so liked this

Tea Tree Oil - Mon 7th Apr 2008

My wife bought me the above and I thought , here we go again. I have had seven years of discomfort. I was never told what was wrong with the skin on my ankles, instead I was prescribed a steriod cream which I was not happy about. Most of the time , I put up with the discomfort.
After one application , I was amazed! My skin looks much better and I don`t have an itch at all.I was getting to the stage where I was thinking I would have to suffer it all my days. I continue to apply a small amount , but I am convinced the problem is solved. I am the first to admit , I thought herbal medicine was a lot of nonsense. You are never too old to learn ! I am 52 years of age.
Many Thanks.
Andrew Gilmour.

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