Higher Nature Active Silver 100ml

Higher Nature Active Silver 100ml

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This Colloidal Silver is made using electro-controlled technology and a 9-stage water purification process, to achieve a very small particle size (0.0006 to 0.005 microns) providing a much greater surface area for contact and a far more effective product.

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Safe, even on small children. The 15ml refillable size, with handy funnel, is ideal for carrying in a bag or pocket. See label for suggested use.

Nutritional Information

Purified water and 99.999% pure Silver.

Other Information

No added: Sugar, salt, starch, soya, wheat, gluten, maize/corn, yeast, lactose, dairy products, artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings, immune health

Manufacturers Web Site

Higher Nature Burwash Common, East Sussex TN19 7LX


Customer reviews - Higher Nature Active Silver 100ml


- Fri 11th Dec 2015

I feel so confident in this product to use on any area of mine and my dogs body. Great for itchy patches or general first aid.

- Sun 29th Nov 2015

I recently discovered colloidal silver for it's healing abilities and tried it as a mouth wash by holding some in my mouth for 10 mins then swallowing. I can say it has helped heal my sore gums but do find it very expensive when using it like this. It's also good for sore eyes but would recommend using a dropper instead of the spray as the spray uses too much.

colloidal silver - Wed 13th Oct 2010

My family would not be without Colloidal Silver. We use it topically for anything from nappy rash to minor burns. It takes out the sting and stops the blistering which is a god send for children.
My grand daughter is now almost nine and it has been used for her since a tiny baby. She is so used to it if she gets stung by nettles in the garden she asks for a spray of silver. It was known as the "magic Spray" when she was little.
It is invaluable in it's uses. Spray on a mouth ulcer, a sore throat, use as a nasal spray, the uses are endless. It is anti-bacterial so can be used to purify water, wash vegetables.
In spite of all the times it is used the 100ml bottle does last quite a long time. Brilliant product, would recommend that everyone has a bottle in their medicine cabinet and a small spray in their handbag when out and about.
Thank you for the excellent service you provide.
Barbara & John Dawson


- Fri 25th Oct 2013

When treating any problem with colloidal silver, try to keep the solution on the area for at least 6 minutes. Use on a pad or tissue on the skin or hold in the mouth for this amount of time for any gum, tongue or throat problems.

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