Urtekram Tea Tree Shampoo   250ml

Urtekram Tea Tree Shampoo 250ml

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Organic tea tree shampoo for irritated scalp

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More about Urtekram Tea Tree Shampoo

Urtekram tea tree shampoo is carefully formulated to gently treat scalp irritation. Made using 100% natural ingredients, this vegan shampoo is an efficient natural shampoo and also low impact on the living world around us.


Water, aloe vera*, coconut and corn sugar soap*, glycerine*, perfume*, lavender flower extract*, citric acid*.
*Organic farming **Made using organic ingredients

Not Tested on Animals, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Urtekram Tea Tree Shampoo 250ml


- Fri 3rd Oct 2014

My favourite of the Urtekram shampoos with a great use of tea tree and natural ingredients. I also usually use it in place of soap in the shower if I run out and it lasts a fair amount.

- Thu 5th Dec 2013

Another nice shampoo, this range is expensive but worth it, the ingredients are good, it's vegan and it cleans without being harsh.

Excellent - Wed 19th Jun 2013

Sometimes I get an irritated scalp which leaves a lot of dandruff and even though this doesn't advertise as a dandruff shampoo I find when my scalp feels sensitive this really helps and stops the flaking.

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