Yutaka Organic Miso Paste 300g

Yutaka Organic Miso Paste 300g

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Japanese classic organic soybean paste.

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More about Yutaka Organic Miso Paste

Yutaka organic miso paste contains no additives and is ideal for grilling, dressings and making miso soup for a vegetarian, Japanese dish!


Soybean (28%)*, Rice*, Water, Salt. *organically grown.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information typical values per 100g: Energy 736kJ.176kcal, Protein 7.0g, Carbohydrate 20.4g, of which sugars 11.7g, Fat 5.9g, of which saturates 1.0g, Salt 10.9g


Contains Soya. Store in a cool dry place. Once opened keep refrgerated.


Miso Soup From Si King (Cook Vegetarian magazine)
Serves 4
Ready in 1hr 40mins

800ml vegetarian dashi-style stock
4 tbsp white miso paste
1 tsp mirin
1 dtsp soy suace
80g enoki mushrooms
1 spring onion, finely sliced.
100g tofu
(1 small square sheet of nori seaweed divided into 4 shichimi to garnish.)

1) Pour stock into a saucepan, add Yutaka Organic Miso Paste and gently bring to a simmer.
2) Add the mirin and soy sauce, then take the pan off the heat.
3) Cut the mushrooms into quarters and remove the woody end of the stalks. Place a bundle of enoki mushrooms into the bottom of each bowl.
4) Divide the spring onion slices between the bowls and place neatly with the mushrooms.
5) Cut the tofu into quarters, then each piece into quarters again and place four piece into each bowl
6) Place each piece of nori seaweed into each bowl.
7) Pour the hot miso stock over the tofu and vegetables - this will heat the tofu through and cook the mushroom at the same time.
8) Finally top each bowl of soup with a sprinkling of shichimi then enjoy.

Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Yutaka Organic Miso Paste 300g


- Tue 9th Jan 2018

Really good and tasty, lasts long, keeps well in the fridge and can be drunk on its own

Versatile miso paste - Thu 4th Aug 2016

I use this as a flavouring for stock and stews - it's really versatile and not just for making miso soup! Everyone in our family loves the taste.

- Mon 18th Apr 2016

Refreshing tea with a hint of sweetness

- Wed 9th Mar 2016

I prefer misos that come in jars as apposed to sealable packets as they're more easy to get at the paste inside and also stack better on shelves, and this, while not my best miso, is an affordable and good organically certified product.

My choice as a coeliac - Sun 31st May 2015

I have used this paste within Kimchee and a Miso-based mayo substitute recipe and found it performs well within both. However the main recommendation I can make for this product is that at the time of writing it probably safe for coeliacs - of which I am one. It has no gluten containing ingredients and the response I gained from Yutaka to an enquiry about cross-contamination risk is that the producer does handle gluten on site; however on a different production area and with assurance that the risk of cross contamination is well controlled. Most other miso paste products available either directly contain gluten or are produced with risk of cross-contamination, hence this is a real discovery and I will buy it regularly.

Good enough - Sun 21st Sep 2014

Good value miso, but perhaps a little saltier and less complex than other varieties. The texture is fine and smooth and it adds oomph to savoury dishes but the main flavour is salt. Not my favourite, but decent enough as a budget item.

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