Tyrrells Hand Fried Vegetable Chips, Mixed Vegetables 125g

Tyrrells Hand Fried Vegetable Chips, Mixed Vegetables 125g

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Natural beetroot, parsnip & carrot. Hand fried and lightly sea salted

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Vegetables in variable proportion (parsnip, beetroot, carrot), sunflower oil, sea salt

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1718kJ/413kcal, Protein 3.9g, Carbohydrate 36g, Fat 28.1g, Fibre 11.5g, Sodium 0.3g

Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Tyrrells Hand Fried Vegetable Chips, Mixed Vegetables 125g


Tyrrells Vegetable Crisps - Fri 5th Jun 2015

I`ts hard to put the packet down they are so good and tasty. I am gluten free and have no problems with these.

- Sat 14th Feb 2015

I try to always go for the 150g sizes as the smaller packets simply don't fill, and this is another fantastic snack from Tyrrells with dried veg replacing potatoes that is a bit more appetising for me.

- Tue 29th Apr 2014

Good clean flavours, great taste, but still slightly prefer Tyrrells crinkly cut ones.

- Wed 20th Nov 2013

These are nice, especially the beetroot, a favourite in our house, great party snack in a nice big bag.

- Wed 2nd Jan 2013

Colourful & tasty, but perhaps could do with less salt

Tasty and fun - Tue 27th Nov 2012

These were the first non-potato crisps I ever had and to this day they are still impressive both taste wise and aesthetically. They're fun to look at and it's a bit like a lucky dip when you put your hand in the packet. I like that they still retain some of their original vegetable flavour.

- Fri 23rd Nov 2012

My husband was very pleased with the flavour however they were not gluten free as labelled.

Yummiest crisps ever! - Tue 23rd Oct 2012

These are the yummiest crisps ever. However - unless you're feeling greedy, are very restrained or have people to share with this larger size should be avoided! (I can't restrain myself, so I usually only buy the smaller size).

- Wed 15th Aug 2012

These are addictively good. The flavour of the vegetables are delicious enough without other flavourings usually put on potato crisps.

Yummy :) - Sat 4th Feb 2012

lol I ate nearly the whole pack in one sitting - the few that were left I crumbled up with some other things to make a savoury topping for something. So another time I will just take a few out for eating as they are and crumble the rest up into a container for cooking, that way they will last longer and be more economical... well, that is the plan anyway....

Deliciously crispy - Wed 23rd Mar 2011

If for whatever reason you'd rather not eat potatoes, these very tasty crisps are actually nicer than the loveliest of potato crisps!
Very light and intense taste, and beautiful colours from the root veggies!

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