Traidcraft Fairtrade Rubber Gloves  x1

Traidcraft Fairtrade Rubber Gloves x1

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Medium sized rubber gloves made from fair trade rubber latex

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More about Traidcraft Fairtrade Rubber Gloves x1

Comfort: Designed for a better fit, with a cotton flock lining.
Durable: Made from natural rubber latex specially formulated for increased resistance to household detergents.
Uses: Ideal for all household tasks, including dish washing and hand washing clothes.
Hand care: Regular use can help protect your hands and nails from the harmful effects of hot water and detergents.


Customer reviews - Traidcraft Fairtrade Rubber Gloves x1


Nauseating smell :-( - Wed 5th Oct 2016

I was really pleased to see these for sale as, having sensitive skin, I always use rubber gloves to wash up etc. However the smell hit me as soon as I took them out of the packet and it was horrid. Not a normal rubber glove smell at all, but very overpowering for me. I tried washing the smell off and I used them once to wash up with and then reverted to my usual pair of gloves, even though they had a bit of a hole, until I could get some more of the ones I usually use. They might be fine for someone who isn't sensitive to the smell.

I've given two stars because I liked that they were blue and Fairtrade. If the overpowering scent is removed, I'd try them in the future.

Good value - Fri 3rd Apr 2015

These are very good value and I'm happy because they're ethically produced

- Tue 16th Sep 2014

Also perfect for bathroom and toilet cleaning jobs as very strong and durable and resistant to all kinds of substances. Should last quite a few uses before discarding.

- Mon 13th May 2013

Can't fault these - comfy & strong, and ethical too! They are thick enough to last for months and with a soft layer inside for comfort. Much cheaper alternative to branded versions!

Get 2 pairs - Mon 14th Jan 2013

Sharing household chores being honest = a happier relationship

usually last well - Sat 3rd Mar 2012

These usually last long enough to justify price, but not so long that they go mouldy inside

- Fri 25th Nov 2011

Great! They are strong and they even smell good, I have never before used rubber gloves that didn't smell awful! Bravo!!

Fairtrade Rubber Gloves - Tue 12th Apr 2011

Functional! These fairtrade rubber gloves do exactly what they are supposed to and protect your hands from all that hard work. We love them!

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