Thorncroft Detox Cordial 33cl

Thorncroft Detox Cordial 33cl

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Pure concentrated apple juice with detoxifying herbs & roots.

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More about Thorncroft Detox Cordial

Detox Cordial is based on Dandelion and Burdock, but couldn't be further from the drink of that name found nowadays, which is really a lemonade flavoured with wintergreen or artificial sassafras.

Thorncroft went back to basics and realised that the purpose of Dandelion and Burdock as ingredients was not flavour - they have none to speak of - but their cleansing functions. Dandelion is known increase bile flow, and Burdock stimulates the kidneys and the appetite. To this we have added Coriander (which chelates heavy metals such as mercury just as effectively as pharmaceutical chelating agents such as DMPS), liquorice ( known as the great detoxifier, also a great taste), sarsaparilla, ginger, and half a dozen other herbs and spices known for their cleansing effects.

But above all Detox is a great taste, pure fruit juice based, with no added sugar or preservatives.

For serious Detoxers on a cleansing programme, Thorncroft detox is formulated to contain no disaccharides or other in

Serving Suggestion

Highly concentrated - dilute cordial 1:10 to water or to taste with sparkling or still water.


Concentrated apple juice 90%, liquorice extract, fresh coriander, herbal infusions (dandelion, burdock,sarsaparilla, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, yellow dock, echinacea, red clover blossom, cloves), vitamin C.

Nutritional Information

Servings per package - 18

Typical values Per 100ml:
Energy 108kj/25kcal, Carbohydrate 6.1g (of which sugars 6.1g), Fat Nil, Protein Trace, Sodium Trace, Vitamin C 15mg (25% RDA)

Recomended serving size 200 ml:

Energy - 216kJ/ 50kcal,  Carbohydrate 12.2g (of which sugars 12.2g) Fat Nil, Protein Trace, Sodium Trace




Other Information

A delicious herbal flavour with the added benefit of herbs known to support natural detoxification pathways.

Manufacturers Web Site

White's Fruit Farm, Ashbocking, Suffolk, IP6 9JS

Customer reviews - Thorncroft Detox Cordial 33cl


Detox cordial - Thu 3rd Mar 2016

Just tried this. We made it stronger than suggested, with hot water. One drink and we are hooked! Its a bonus if it does us good as well!

- Sat 23rd May 2015

Great for a detox!

Does what it says - Sun 19th Apr 2015

A surprisingly tasty drink yet hearty and wholesome, helped soothe indigestive gas and constipation gently but quickly.

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