Sweet Freedom Original 350g

Sweet Freedom Original 350g

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Low GI natural sweetener.

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More about Sweet Freedom Original

Sweet Freedom Original is the first sweetener ever to receive Great Taste Award. With a neutral sugar-like taste it can be used to replace white sugar in tea and coffee, cooking and baking.
Made 100% from fruit (extracts of apples, grapes and carob), this natural sweetener in a squeezy bottle can be used to enliven yoghurt and fruit. Have it on toast, drizzle it over porridge, cereal or pancakes or simply use it to sweeten your coffee or tea. Sweet Freedom 25% fewer calories than sugar and is low GI and GL so energy is released slowly and evenly making it suitable as part of a healthy diabetic diet.


Syrup made from natural fruit extracts (apples, grapes and carob)

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 290kcal/1229kJ, Carbohydrate 73g (of which sugars* 66g), Fat 0g (of which saturates 0g), Protein 0g, Fibre 0g, Sodium 0g.
*Naturally occurring sugars from fruit.

Other Information

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is registered with the Vegan society as the bestselling vegan honey alternative
Sweet freedom contains only 23g of fructose per 100g compared with Sugar which has 50g, honey which has 40g and agave syrup which has 90g.
No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
GM free & gluten free

Manufacturers Web Site

Diet Freedom Ltd, NN16 9JD, UK.

Reduced Sugar, Caffeine Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

Customer reviews - Sweet Freedom Original 350g


Love this - Fri 16th Jun 2017

Use it as an alternative to honey. I use in porridge, smoothies and on natural yoghurt. Tastes nice and rich.

- Fri 7th Feb 2014

Nice alternative to sugar, great in a cup of tea.

- Sat 1st Feb 2014

Delicious alternative to sugar.

- Tue 12th Nov 2013

Love this stuff. A great alternative to honey for vegans, and a good liquid sweetener for those who wish to avoid agave. I love that it's natural and just comes from fruit! Great in baking, on porridge etc.

Brilliant - Sun 30th Jun 2013

I have this in my tea a lot of the time and it's a fantastic alternative to sugar without losing any taste. It dissolves really well and quickly, and it's sweet in a light way without making you feel heavy which was surprising because it's so thick in consistency.

- Fri 24th May 2013

Excellent product! I have just used some of it to make a soya milk rice pudding, with excellent results!

- Fri 16th Nov 2012

A fantastic sweetener that can be used in replacement for treacle or honey or anything really. It has a very light hint of fruit but has a honeylike flavour, unlike anything else I've had really and it's quite lovely for mixing with plain yoghurt.

Tasty, sweet and light - Wed 7th Nov 2012

I love this as much as I love the 'Dark' version - with this one I tend to have it more on cereal and crackers/biscuits because it's a bit less rich than the dark version so its easier to add to anything you don't want too sweet. I love that its made of pure fruit as well because that way you get part of a serving of fruit every time you have it instead of sugar.

sweetfreedom - Mon 7th May 2012

I've used this product for a number of years now, it's tasty and good.
I'm a kinesiology allergy therapist and find it helps my clients inhibit their candida levels dramatically. It's great with rice milk in rice puddings. I don't eat dairy or sugar and I encourage my daughter-in-laws to use it also. This , I beieve, will help them in the future a great deal as both girls say they want to have babies soon. The babies will benifit and have less colic as I understand it. Well, time will tell, but it seems to help my clients any how. Of course one does need to take a good probiotic as well.

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