Morgiel  Organic Raw Sauerkraut 270g

Morgiel Organic Raw Sauerkraut 270g

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Organic Unpasteurised Plain Sauerkraut, naturally fermented and raw.


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More about Morgiel Organic Raw Sauerkraut

This sauerkraut is made from shredded cabbage using lactic acid bacteria in the fermenting process making unpastuerised saurkraut a source of probiotics.

Morgiel are well known for their cold packed 'living foods' which means that the fermentation process doesn't end in the factory so you may find your jar fizzes when opened more often when it's been out of the refrigerator but don't be put off - this is real natural fermentation!


Organic cabbage, Unrefined rock salt, filtered water.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: Energy 57kj/13.6kcal, fat 0.2 of which saturates 0.0g, carbohydrates 2.7g of which sugars  0.1g, protein 0.9g, salt 2.3g


Customer reviews - Morgiel Organic Raw Sauerkraut 270g


Morgiel Organic Raw Sauerkraut - Sat 12th Nov 2016

In my opinion this is superb! I come from a country where making sauerkraut is a kind of tradition. I daresay, I have some experience in tasting various kinds of sauerkraut. I think that the manufacturer could also offer larger jars, for example. 500g (or more).

- Fri 23rd Sep 2016

If you're looking for an alternative to the Raw Health sauerkraut, this will probably disappoint. It is coarse and tough, smells and tastes vinegary, and I could not digest it properly. I love the Raw Health product and hope that it will be available again soon.

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