The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe Raw Chocolate 44g

The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe Raw Chocolate 44g

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Sweet smooth and dreamy, Vanoffee is a magic blend of virgin cacao butter, naturally sweet lucuma fruit powder, unrefined coconut palm sugar and exquisite vanilla.

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Virgin cacao butter, lucuma, coconut palm sugar, vanilla (1.5%).

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g
Energy 2505kJ/598kcal, Protein 4.9g, Carbohydrates 46g , Fat 44.8g , Fibre 19.5g, Iron 0.7mg, Calcium 36.5mg.

Other Information

Cacao from small-scale growers in South America.
All ingredients are ethically sourced and we've used naturally sweet plants nad fruits instead of sugar.
There may be slight differences in taste from batch to batch.

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Dairy Free, Fairtrade, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe Raw Chocolate 44g


Best raw chocolate ever! - Fri 26th Feb 2016

As a child I loved caramac chocolate and this is the closest vegan alternative I can find... and it's raw! I don't eat a lot of chocolate but this is definitely one of my favourite treats.

- Thu 23rd Jul 2015

It didn't taste like I expected it would but it wasn't unpleasant and still satiated my sugar cravings :)

Nasty taste - Mon 6th Jul 2015

This "yoghurt" tasted bitter and left an unpleasant taste in the mouth. The Vanilla Co Yo is much better.

- Sat 20th Jun 2015

I didn't really like these, just tasted like plain dark chocolate to me.

Not for me - Tue 21st Apr 2015

I loved the idea that this was raw chocolate and found it intriguing that it contained no cacao powder. So after giving this chocolate a go, I can say it is not for me. The colour is a dark caramel colour and they do not taste anything like the old Caramac bars as someone else mentioned in their review. It is not horrid, but just not pleasant enough for me to try it again. I'm familiar with all the ingredients in this product apart from lucuma, so I'm wondering if this is the flavour I found a bit unpleasant. I hope not because I've just brought a big bag of lucuma powder on my last order, so fingers crossed! Think I will stick to my homemade raw chocolate using raw cacao powder, organic raw coconut oil and organic coconut palm sugar - utterly divine!

- Tue 7th Apr 2015

Definitely one of my favourite raw chocolates. It's incredibly creamy - Great for kids!

- Sat 31st Jan 2015

A very rich and satisfying taste experience, The toffee/caramel sensation is very pronounced, very much like a grown-up Caramac. Creamy and smooth, sweet almost as 'regular' chocolate. So a good one to share with someone who has more conventional tastes. Doesn't taste like most other raw chocolate ie dense and strong, and for this reason I would not buy it again.

Amazing! - Mon 8th Dec 2014

Wow this is amazing!! Exactly how you expect it to taste, slightly dark with vanilla and caramel hints, probably best the bar is small because it would've gone in one sitting!

A favourite - Sun 12th Jan 2014

Love this unique take on raw chocolate - no cocoa solids (the brown bits of the cocoa bean with the caffeine it - can be eaten at night!) just lots of creamy toffee like flavour with a smooth chocolate consistency.

- Wed 16th Oct 2013

Lovely taste and texture and nice small handy snack size but expensive - did not notice too much difference in flavour from this bar to the others from the same company though

As good as milk chocolate - Tue 3rd Sep 2013

Milk chocolate has lots of bad stuff, and certainly isn't raw - this is the best substitute yet, if you're being healthy and don't want to eat rubbish, but really miss the taste of milk chocolate. It's got a creamy taste, with a subtle hint of toffee and vanilla. Absolutely delicious - my only mistake was buying just one!

Tastbud DELIGHT - Mon 15th Jul 2013

I don't know how to describe this other than it has to be tried to be experienced - it's just so decadent and wonderful. The richness and smoothness and sweetness of the flavours is magic.

Awesome - Mon 12th Nov 2012

The closest thing I've tasted to a caramac bar since I had to give up animal milk. Creamy, smooth and with a lovely caramel top note. Filling too - it's really rich flavour means you won't be able to over indulge.

- Wed 24th Oct 2012

I cannot recommend this chocolate enough! It's easily my favourite, with a creamy vanillary taste. If only it grew on trees...

Delicious - Sun 24th Jun 2012

This is truly delicious! If anyone remembers Caramac, taste-wise this is very similar. A caramel tasting non-chocolate with vanilla undertones. Importantly, I like the fact that it does not contain cocoa. For people who may be trying to avoid cocoa or who do not like cocoa's stimulating effects, this is perfect. Since I discovered them, I couldn't live without them.

The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe Raw Chocolate 44g - Mon 5th Mar 2012

We found this had quite an unpleasant taste and was nothing like the other raw chocolate we had tried and enjoyed. Neither my children nor I would eat this again.

- Wed 11th Jan 2012

I was really surprised by this, it doesn't actually have any cacao powder in but is still a brown colour, and tastes absolutely delicious, lots of vanilla and caramel flavour. It also has a really smooth texture but is still hard and has a snap like good quality non-raw chocolate. It does seem sweeter because of the lack of cacao, but that maybe because they used coconut sugar it's not sickly sweet.

- Fri 20th May 2011

This one's my favourite from the range, it's like caramel flavoured chocolate without any of the sicklyness. I've eaten so many of these, highly recommended if you're after truly raw vegan chocolate from a small, loving and ethical company. Not so melt in your mouth as others but the flavour's there, and I love the fact that they use fruits like mulberries to sweeten as opposed to agave syrup...etc. Brilliant and unique chocolate!

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