Qi China Green Tea Pure & Simple 80b

Qi China Green Tea Pure & Simple 80b

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Pure and simple green tea is mellow, light and refreshing.

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More about Qi China Green Tea Pure & Simple

Qi (pronounced chee ) bring you all that is best in tea. Grown at high altitude in the clean air, rich soil and abundant rain.
Green tea can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle; it contains a natural anti oxidant called EGCg - only found in green tea.
All Qi teas are bought directly from our partner tea gardens in the beautiful yellow mountains of China. The tea is harvested by a cooperative of over 400 independent farmers, living in remote mountain villages and is prepared using traditional methods. The teas are pure, single - estate teas. They are not blended from any other tea garden.

Cooking Instructions

Boil water 80°C-100°C, and brew for 3-5 mins.


Green tea

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Customer reviews - Qi China Green Tea Pure & Simple 80b


Fabulous green tea for everyday - Sat 10th Jan 2015

I am very pleased with this product: the individual bags are unbleached and divided into three 'keep fresh' pouches within the carton. The tea is an easy drink with plenty of aroma and no bitterness, just right for everyday drinking. Very good value for money.

Qi China Green Tea Pure & Simple - Wed 8th May 2013

Amazing value! This is great green tea, with a lovely, rich flavour. Substituting this for your daily black tea will also bring you loads of health benefits, as green tea is a really strong detoxicant.

Poor memory? - Fri 4th Jan 2013

Try swapping black tea for green. Chinese research shows that green tea, drunk regularly, increases the production of brain cells needed for memory.

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