Provamel Organic Soya Unsweetened 1.19,  1ltr

Provamel Organic Soya Unsweetened 1.19, 1ltr

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A tasty, dairy free, blend of water and organic soya beans.

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More about Provamel Organic Soya Unsweetened 1.19,

Provamel's delicious soya drinks are made from whole soya beans and do not contain any artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners. The organic soya beans are ethically sourced through long term relationships with their farmers to ensure a suitable business both socially and ecologically for all.


Water, hulled organic soya beans* (7.2%). *organically grown.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 147kJ/35kcal, Protein 3.7g, Carbohydrates 0.1g (of which sugars 0.1g, lactose nil), Fat 2.1g (of which saturates 0.4g, mono-saturates 0.4g, polyunsaturates 1.3g, of which linoleic acid (omega 6) 1.18g, alpha-linoleic acid (omega 3) 0.15g, cholesterol nil), Fibre 0.6g, Sodium 0.01g (equivalent as salt) 0.04g.

Other Information

This pack contains 5 servings.
Once opened, keep refrigerated, consume within 5 days.

Produced in a nut-free production unit.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Provamel Organic Soya Unsweetened 1.19, 1ltr


Best choice - Fri 16th Dec 2016

My favorite, no sugar, great taste

Provamel Organic Soya Unsweetened - Fri 29th Jul 2016

The best value organic soy milk on the market. The quality stands up.

provamel organic - Sat 2nd Jul 2016

This is one of the best organic soya milks I have tried - simply water and hulled soya bean. It has a smooth creamy taste which is not overpowering and makes a really good latte if you want a non diary option. It easily lasts a week in the fridge once opened. Ideal for porridge and any other cooked dishes although I still prefer almond milk for cereals/cold drinks.

- Fri 18th Sep 2015

Taste ok if it has not curdled and settled at the bottom - I took these on holiday and the milk seemed to have split and was not great to drink

Best in coffee - Sun 12th Apr 2015

This is the best soya milk for coffee as it very rarely curdles except when you put hardly any in. Great taste too

Perfect Taste - Sat 5th Oct 2013

Provamel Organic Soya Unsweetened is delicious and can be used in teas, shakes/smoothies and in cooking both sweet and savoury foods eg. cereals, deserts/cakes, yogurts, ice-creams, rice, pasta, curries, soups, breads/pancakes, sauces/batters - very versatile.

- Mon 23rd Sep 2013

A great value, everyday soya milk, I keep the sweetened for special occasions.

- Tue 12th Mar 2013

This is a great product on long term offer, creamy and not too rich and with no additives as many other brands and varieties often contain. I sometimes heat it diluted 50:50 with water and add chai spices and honey for a soothing drink. It works well with porridge and doesnt 'split' when heated and an opened carton stays fresh in the fridge for several days.

- Tue 23rd Oct 2012

A very pleasant taste and really good value.

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