Salt Seller Spangled Lavender Flower Bath Salt 1kg

Salt Seller Spangled Lavender Flower Bath Salt 1kg

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Flower spangled organic lavender

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More about Salt Seller Spangled Lavender Flower Bath Salt

A Super-Natural experience! For that special soak, immerse yourself in a flower-bath surrounded by buds of lavender or roses. You will have all the benefits of a simple Himalayan Salt Bath and also enjoy the scent and natural oils released from these pretty organic flower heads.

Analysis has revealed that Whole Pink Himalayan Salt contains over eighty minerals and trace minerals, which occur in a similar ratio to the mineral content of the human body.

When dissolved in water, the salt, and its minerals, can be absorbed through the skin; they are then assimilated easily as they are in their natural state and when the body has attained its optimum salt and mineral levels, it can work at its best, benefitting many functions such as digestion and metabolism, the nervous system and muscle tone.


Wash or shower first. Dissolve 1kg salt in hot water, then add cool water and adjust until the bath reaches body temperature. Immerse yourself and relax for half an hour - do not wash off, but wrap yourself in a soft towel and lie down until dry. Use about twice per week for health treatment, once a week for general well-being.

Other Information

Healing Himalayan Bath Salt and 'Sole' Bathing

Salt bathing is a gentle, age old method of relaxing and refreshing the body through immersion in warm, salted water. Taken regularly, salt bathing is a simple and effective way to absorb natural minerals and feel their re-energising effect which often follows as a result of the body, at last functioning at its optimum level.

Another benefit of bathing in Whole Pink Himalayan Salt is that it aids in the body 'detoxing'. This process can help to rid joints of acidic deposits, and thus relieve pain after excessive physical exertion or sport. Joint pain from arthritis is also well known to be soothed by bathing in warm salted water.

Salt bathing can also help with skin ailments, such as eczema and psoriasis because the salt has a soothing and healing effect: salted water has long been acknowledged for its anti-septic properties - many people still wash wounds in salt - so by soaking the affected skin regularly, one can help to avoid infections, which many people suffer who have these skin problems. The salted water also helps the skin to heal; this was seen in World War 2 when it was noticed that pilots with burns who were shot down into the sea healed faster and better than those similarly afflicted who came down on land.

A Sole bath is a medicinal or healing bath which adheres to certain guidelines on type of salt (Himalayan Pink or equivalent salt); temperature (body temperature 98.6F); strength of solution (1kg to a bath); length of bathing (30 mins); rinsing (none), and frequency (max twice per week: use no soap).

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Customer reviews - Salt Seller Spangled Lavender Flower Bath Salt 1kg


The Salt Seller Spangled Lavender Flower Bath Salt - Tue 28th May 2013

I used to have loads of lavender in my garden, so I just used to dry it myself and pop it in the bath, but since we moved house, this is the next best thing. Really high quality salts.

Review for The Salt Seller Spangled Lavender Flowe - Tue 9th Apr 2013

Absolute heaven. These salts have a great detoxing quality, and are so relaxing that you just want to fall asleep as soon as you get in the bath! The lavender flowers add a lovely fragrance to bath time...

- Fri 4th Jun 2010

Excellent!! Smells gorgeous and my ezcema is dissapeared, a real pleasure.

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