Pink Mountain Coarse Salt in a Bag 300g

Pink Mountain Coarse Salt in a Bag 300g

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With a bigger taste, no additives, naturally clean and mineral rich.

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More about Pink Mountain Coarse Salt in a Bag

Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, my Whole Food Salt comes to you straight from the earth's crust: it was deposited hundreds of millions of years ago when huge oceans dried up, before there was any pollution; so this pristine, ancient salt needs no refining and is also guaranteed additive-free.

One of the finest organic salts in the world, it contains naturally occurring minerals which make it compatible with your body's needs and also give it the rosy-pink hues for which it is famous.Its minerals are a perfect match for those which our bodies need, since we have a saline fluid base very like that of the sea water from which this salt originated.

The packaging is either jars which can be recycled with other clear PET packaging or corn starch bags which will bio-degrade in your compost.

My Whole Pink Himalayan Food Salt is a great quality ‘Gourmet’ cooking Salt.


Whole pink Himalayan mountain salt.

Other Information

Flavorsome - gives a fuller, more complex flavour to all dishes, home-made or haute cuisine
Pristine - ancient and clean, deposited millions of years before pollution
Nutritious - natural mineral and trace elements support healthy body funtions
Not refined - whole, as it occurs in the earth's crust No additives - free running without added chemicals
Strong taste - but not caustic! Use less to stay within RDA

Pack-it-Hereford Ltd, Unit 28-29, Foley Trading Estate, Hereford HR1 2SF

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Vegan, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Pink Mountain Coarse Salt in a Bag 300g


The Salt Seller Coarse Pink Himalayan Salt in a Ba - Fri 17th May 2013

I love this salt - I either use the coarse grains in cooking water, or grind the larger crystals up to use as fine salt. Delicious, natural and really beautiful to look at!

Review for The Salt Seller Coarse Pink Himalayan S - Wed 24th Apr 2013

I usually buy the fine salt in a 1kg bag for use in cooking, and I use the coarse salt for health baths. You can really feel the detoxifying and relaxing effect.

Very nice - Wed 26th Dec 2012

Excellent taste and keeps the taste when used in cooking, also not hard to have when sprinkled on food. I'd love a bigger packet so it would last longer though as it's a great alternative to regular table sale.

- Fri 20th May 2011

Tiny packet, but really good taste. I would love to see this coarse version in a kilo bag though.

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