Norfolk Punch Original 70cl

Norfolk Punch Original 70cl

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The original monastic recipe of herbs, berries and spices. Drink chilled to refresh or hot to relax, warm and cheer. Non-alcoholic herbal drink.

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More about Norfolk Punch Original

Original Norfolk punch is a non-alcoholic herbal drink. Made to an authentic monastic recipe of 30 herbs, berries and spices with no artificial ingredients or flavourings.

Still made to the original, secret recipe, Norfolk Punch provides a variety of both subtle and surprising tastes which combine to deliver a truly unique drinking experience.


Water, molasses sugar, honey and lemon juice combined with subtle infusions, decoctions and distillations of: Alder, alehoof, angelica, bay, camomile, caraway, cinnamon, clove, daisy, dandelion, dock, elderberry, elderflower, fennel, feverfew, ginger, grapeskin, hop, lemon balm, lime flower, lime leaf, liquorice, meadowsweet, nutmeg, peppermint, poppy, rosemary, sapphire, thyme, vervain.

Nutritional Information

Per 100ml:
Energy 134kJ/32kcal, Protein 0.1g, Carbohydrates 7.8g, Fat 0.1g.

Customer reviews - Norfolk Punch Original 70cl


- Sat 23rd May 2015

Great christmas drink as an alternative to mulled wine.

- Wed 4th Dec 2013

A lovely flavour, good ingredients and not overpriced, we like this a lot, a very festive drink.

- Thu 31st Oct 2013

Great for Christmas. Love how it's got no sugar in!

A** - Sun 6th Oct 2013

My hubbie loves this stuff! Every autumn & winter I have to buy it for him. Great for you and can be warmed...lovely on a cold winter's day. Great gift idea for those prone to colds/general run down.

A bottle of bliss! - Mon 17th Jun 2013

I lovely sweet herbal drink that's a personal fave for me at Christmas. Has heaps of healthy ingredients (just read them all!) and a diverse taste because of that. A great tonic to have.

Norfolk Punch Original - Fri 31st May 2013

On a recent rare day of sunshine, we had a barbecue to which a few non-alcohol drinkers were coming. This punch went down a treat for its really interesting, herby flavour.

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