Go Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water 500ml

Go Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water 500ml

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With nothing else added Coconut water is a naturally pure, sweet tasting drink, refreshing and revitalisisng.

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More about Go Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water

Coconut water rehydrates you naturally and effectively so can be used after exercise as it is a source of isotonic hydration as it is easily absorbed into the body.  The sodium and potassium are believed to aid sports people by helping to prevent muscle cramps.





100% coconut water

Nutritional Information

per 100ml
Energy 87.08kJ/20.8kcal, Protein 0.32g, Carbohydrates 5.16g of which sugars 4.4g, Fat 0g of which saturates 0g, Fibre 0g, Sodium 11.6mg, Calcium 13.2mg, Magnesium 223.2mg, Vitamin C 0.8mg.

Other Information

Low calorie
No added sugar
No artificial colours
No artificial flavours
Cholesterol free
Naturally isotonic
Fat free.

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Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Go Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water 500ml


- Tue 8th Dec 2015

A strange thing when reading reviews about coconut water, is that every brand has people who say this tastes just like the real thing, and others who say this is nothing like the real thing! I can't say from experience in the field, but I have tried a number and this seems one of the least natural, apart from those with unnecessary added sugar.

I love this brand of coconut water - Tue 18th Aug 2015

I have drunk other coconut waters before, but I love the taste of this brand better. Coconut water is my favourite summer drink. So refreshing and delicious!

Just ordered 4 more bottles! - Fri 27th Mar 2015

I absolutely love coconut water, but found that a lot of brands can taste very sweet and sometimes nothing like coconut water at all!

Go coco is one of my favourites and I add it to all my smoothies or just drink it on it's own...highly recommend.

terrible - Sat 18th Jan 2014

I am a coconut water fan and have drunk it straight from the fruit many times, obviously at home this is not an option and Vitacoco has been my regular purchase, I found Go Coco in my local supermarket and they have all but copied the carton packaging from Vitacoco but being 1 cheaper I thought I would try it ....it's awful from the smell that hits you straight away to the taste yuk!!! fake preservative awful stuff ...smells like chemical vanilla/almond, tastes awful and leaves a terrible after taste ...won't be buying this again

Super Drink - Sat 5th Oct 2013

Go Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water 500ml is a great drink for all occasions, can be drunk on its own or added to other drinks or shakes/smoothies, used for cooking sweet and savoury food eg. rice, curries, soup, pasta/noodles, array of breads - pure and full of vitamins and is very versatile.

- Wed 25th Sep 2013

I've been using these as a base for my smoothies for a long time. I only wish they didn't add sugar and kept it totally natural, only the water from the coconut.

Go Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water - Fri 31st May 2013

Along with Biona's coconut water, this is an essential for me. It's so delicious, refreshing and thirst-quenching. I love it.

- Tue 31st Jul 2012

This is very refreshing and a great for hydrating the body. It has a very slight chocolatey flavour which my husband loves but I have to say I prefer the one made by Biona.

- Sun 24th Jun 2012

Its a bit more sweeter than vita coco, apart from that a tasty refreshing drink.

Good - Thu 16th Feb 2012

Coconut water at first did not taste nice to me. It is not just this brand, it is all of them, but I persevere because of the massive nutritious and sporty person benefits. So I have decided to put it in smoothies-and it makes an excellent, nutritious base for green smoothies

- Sat 22nd Oct 2011

A very tasty coconut water, with the added bonus of being in a bottle for drinking on the go.

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