Trapani Fine Salt 1kg

Trapani Fine Salt 1kg

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Unrefined fine Sicilian sea salt.

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More about Trapani Fine Salt

Fine sea salt from the salt-works of the Trapini nature reserve on the island of Sicily.The salt is collected and packed by hand following traditional methods. It is unrefined and is not chemically treated so this salt retains all it's natural trace minerals.


Fine sea salt

Nutritional Information

Per 1.20g:
sodium 490mg.

Customer reviews - Trapani Fine Salt 1kg


Great salt and great value - Fri 18th Aug 2017

This is an unrefined sea salt which is a healthier salt, great tasting and it lasts absolutely ages so great value.

Superb - Fri 27th Nov 2015

Wonderful salt, handy for cooking bathing and cleaning. A good choice for those who care about the origins and purity of their salt. I will certainly buy again.

Trapini Salt - Mon 2nd Nov 2015

I'm delighted to have discovered this quality salt which is available in 1kg bags. The (fine) salt is perfect for brining & curing meats (for charcuterie) at home. Buying good quality salt, packed in manageable 1kg bags, available in any quantity, at an affordable price when buying more than 250g-500g, is in fact, a challenge. So, I'm delighted to have discovered Goodness Direct. I use the salt as table salt too. In a taste comparison with quality Cornish sea salt, the taste is the same.

Very strong - Wed 25th Jun 2014

Almost like Himalayan salt, a little goes a long way - better blended in when cooking as can be too strong if added on the plate. That said it's very nice!

- Wed 16th Oct 2013

Lovely salt, finely ground for sprinkling on food and very tasty, this is such good value, we can't buy this quality of salt anywhere at such a low price. Advice for anyone who is lacking in minerals, eat this salt!


- Wed 16th Oct 2013

See books by Dr Batmanghelijd re the need for water to improve health, he also states - a small pinch of salt should be taken with each glass to replenish the cells. This salt is ideal.

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