Nakd Cocoa Crunch Bar 30g

Nakd Cocoa Crunch Bar 30g

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Nakd cocoa protein crunch bars are made with protein crunchies that slowly release energy.

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More about Nakd Cocoa Crunch Bar

Cocoa Crunch bar is everything you would want in a tasty and nutritious snack with the added bonus of being packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer. This bar has a delicious chocolatey taste with a crispy crunchiness that is absurdly satisfying. There are no added sugars and there's absolutely no compromise on taste. It's 100% natural. Free from wheat, dairy and gluten. Want to look better, feel better and help the world? Replace over-processed foods with nourishing wholefoods and get ready to be happy. This satisfying slice of simple goodness is a great place to start. Hope you love it as much as we do.


Deliciously simple! Made with Dates (43%), soya crunchies (17%), cashew nuts (16%), raisins (16%), cocoa powder(5%), apple juice concentrate (2%), a hint of natural flavouring.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 1486kj/355kcal, Protein 18.4g, Carbohydrates 47.2g (of which sugars 41.5g) Fat 8.8g (of which saturates 2g) Fibre 6.6g, Sodium 0.2g


Customer reviews - Nakd Cocoa Crunch Bar 30g


- Mon 14th Dec 2015

The texture reminds me of eating those pink wafer biscuits that have a deliciously easy crunch, but this has an addition of chocolate instead of plain sweetness and refind wheat. Much more healthy without any chemical use.

- Tue 8th Dec 2015

In seeking a replacement to Trek Cocoa Brownie bars, I am trying every Nakd Cocoa bar. These are similar in having a lovely crunch, with a protein boost and genuine cocoa taste, but I still hope the brownies come back to the market.

Yum! - Thu 22nd Jan 2015

I do prefer these 'crunch' bars to the simple recipe ones that just have dates, cashews, raisins and a hint of natural flavouring - theses have an 'oomph' to them but I think I would have preferred peanuts or peanuts and cashews. That said, I still love them!

- Sun 13th Oct 2013

This was okay, not our favourite snack bar, but good for hiking or camping as it was quite filling and chewy.

- Fri 5th Jul 2013

Delicious and made with great ingredients. The little crunch bits gave a nice texture to this bar.

Delicious! - Sun 30th Jun 2013

I love practically everything from Nakd and I love this bar! It's so moorish with the a great balance of chocolate and fruit, sweet enough yet still rich - great for taking on walks!

Nakd Cocoa Crunch Bar - Sun 19th May 2013

So nice, and not even naughty! You even get protein from the soya. Everybody should be eating these instead of what passes for a chocolate bar in most places.

- Mon 29th Apr 2013

This is another winning creation from the Nakd bar team! It is a perfect healthy substitute for a chocolate bar, possibly even more so than most of the other Nakd bars. It also has the extra benefit of being a good source of protein.

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