Nature's Path Millet Rice Flakes 375g

Nature's Path Millet Rice Flakes 375g

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Millet Rice Flakes are oatbran enriched flakes of millet and rice sweetened with fruit juice.

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More about Nature's Path Millet Rice Flakes

Nature's Path Millet Rice flakes are crunchy flakes of millet, rice and oatbran sweetened with grape juice and barley malt extract. When you have tried them you will love them. One of the most popular breakfast cereals according to Nielsen reports.


Whole oat flour, concentrated grape juice, brown rice flour (8.6%), millet (4.7%), oat bran (5%), barley malt extract, sea salt.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1546 kJ/365 kcal, Protein 11.3g, Carbohydrate 67g (of which sugars 12.2g), Fat 5.8g (of which saturates 1.1g, monounsaturates 2.1g, polyunsaturates 2.3g), Fibre 10g, Sodium 0.37g.


May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts or soy. Produced in a factory that processes gluten products.

Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

Customer reviews - Nature's Path Millet Rice Flakes 375g


- Fri 2nd Oct 2015

Though not gluten free these are The best most satisfying alternative cereal I have tried, especially if mixed with a handful of seeds and chopped nuts. They are easy to crush for anyone who needs a sloppier diet. They need a generous amount of any alternative milk.

- Mon 29th Jun 2015

I'm not loving them as much as I thought I would. I have tried other cereal from the same company but found these to have a strange after taste.

- Tue 21st Apr 2015

I love this plain with just soya milk, but also great with added fresh raspberries and blueberries.

Shape makes all the difference - Thu 16th Apr 2015

These are nice, crunchy flakes, a good alternative to regular wheat but at the same time I think the shape makes it really appeal to me - it adds a great texture/feel in the mouth and doesn't get soggy too quickly.

- Wed 9th Jul 2014

Really tasty crunchy cereal without too much sugar in form of white processed type - delicious with soya or almond milk. More expensive than supermarket cereals but better quality so worth it

- Tue 24th Jun 2014

Yay - didn't know that this was back on the market - although don't know why it disappeared for so long. This was and is one of our favourite cereals.

- Tue 1st Oct 2013

Nice hard crispy healthy cereal that does not taste too sweet - would recommend for a different choice to have in the cupboard

Great quality - Mon 15th Jul 2013

Nature's Path know how to get texture just right and I love the rice flakes because of their knobbly feel and great taste, they also taste great with any alternative milk and are sweet enough not to need sweetener though can take some really well.

- Sat 15th Dec 2012

Delicious and very nutritious- makes a lovely snack mixed with a soya yogurt.

Natures Path Millet Rice Cereal - Mon 26th Nov 2012

Really tasty cereal that is not too sweet. My 2 year old loves it too! Mixing this with the Nature's path Mesa Sunrise cereal gives us a really wholesome start to the day. Would highly recommend.

the best breakfast cereal - Sat 5th May 2012

When this product was taken off the market a couple of years ago, we were devastated. I would have given anything to get a box. Now they are finally back and even Ocado sells it. However they were out of stock within a week due to the high demand and now it looks like Goodness Direct are out of stock too. Looks like we are not the only family who are fans.

Just wonderful - Wed 2nd Nov 2011

It would be true to say that Millet Rice, together with plain yoghurt and apple juice, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and linseed mixed in, is my favourite meal of the day, and my favourite food. I mix everything together the night before, apart from the millet rice obviously. Recently returned to the market - after a delay and a slight flavour change - it caused me some doubts about Natures path's commitment to their customers - it has been much missed. I notice that it is also the basis for me of my careful calorie diet. I think the oat bran and wholeoat content are very filling and sustaining... I rarely eat lunch. I think it is important to eat organic if you are having wholegrain/bran based cereals, unless you believe they wash the rubbish off that is sprayed on. That's it, really.

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