Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate  300g

Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate 300g

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Add hot milk for a luxurious hot chocolate drink

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More about Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate

Green & Black’s started out with humble origins back in 1991 in a small office on Portobello Road, however the company has gone from strength to strength, and has become a widely recognised, leading brand in the chocolate market. The Green and Black’s name itself tells us about the company’s founding principles, ‘Green’ representing their organic credentials, and ‘Black’, the rich dark colour of the chocolate. It’s not just a name though, they have created a taste experience like no other, making these chocolates a very popular choice with many chocolate lovers.


Organic Raw Cane Sugar*, Organic Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder* (28.6%), Organic Dark Chocolate* (16.3%) (Organic Cocoa Mass*, Organic Raw Cane Sugar*, Organic Cocoa Butter*, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Organic Vanilla Extract*. MINIMUM COCOA SOLIDS 60%)


Nutritional Information

Per 100g
Energy 1579kJ/374kcal, Protein 9.1g, Carbohydrate 63.5g, Fat 9.3g


Contains milk and soya ingredients. May contain traces of nuts and cereals.

Other Information

Suitable for vegetarians.

Fairtrade, Organic, Vegetarian

Customer reviews - Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate 300g


- Sat 11th Nov 2017

I love this hot chocolate a lovely deep bitter but rounded flavour.

Little too sweet - Sat 5th Nov 2016

Delicious hot chocolate, but a bit too sweet for my taste. So I had the idea of adding some raw organic cocoa powder ... this really worked, and made a fabulous rich chocolate drink!

tasty - Sun 13th Dec 2015

Best chocolate drink

Hot Chocolate - Sun 2nd Mar 2014

Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate is the best hot chocolate that I have tatsed

Mildly sweet chocolate granules - Mon 17th Jun 2013

A ready-made chocolate drink mix that just needs hot water/milk/other to melt the granules. You could mix it raw with other things like cereals and yogurts but I prefer to eat it straight from the spoon!

Review for Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate - Sat 20th Apr 2013

This is a really nice hot chocolate drink, but I find it a little too sweet - I think it's better just to buy the cocoa and add your own sweetener, although if you are in a hurry, this is one of the best "instant" drinks.

- Tue 27th Nov 2012

This is a delicious hot chocolate - its not sweet like most hot chocolates on the market.

Spicy chocolate at its best - Wed 31st Oct 2012

Every time I've bought this it has been vegan friendly so I'm not sure about the 'whole' milk listed. It has a wonderful, rich aroma and is dark chocolate at its best - any kind of alternative milk will work with it from the richer soya and almond or hazelnut milks to the more watery oat and rice milks. Also, unlike many other chocolate drink powders, you don't need a lot of it per cup. It can easily be made sweet as well but I think this product is made to be more savoury, it's not bitter but it's not very sweet either.

Beautiful - Sat 29th Sep 2012

A note about milk: When I buy this from the supermarket, milk is not listed in the ingredients. I believe Green & Blacks may have removed the milk from this product recently.

Onto the product itself - it's absolutely delicious! Rather than top it up entirely with hot milk, I prefer to mix in a little milk with the chocolate at the beginning to make a paste, then I add hot water to the top. You can use cows' milk, coconut milk, soya milk or oat milk with this and it will taste wonderful. Really highly recommended.

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