Mestemacher German Bread Basket 500g

Mestemacher German Bread Basket 500g

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A unique selection of German breads: whole rye bread, fitness bread, pumpernickel, linseed bread and sunflower seed bread - 2 each of 5 varieties. Great as complex carbohydrates to keep blood sugar at safe levels. They come individually wrapped for freshness.

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More about Mestemacher German Bread Basket

German bread for when you are in a rush, as a snack or on the go. For a high fibre diet and with no added preservatives.

Serving Suggestion

Ideal for breakfast, lunch boxes, holidays or as a snack on the move or between meals.


Whole rye bread: Whole rye flour (59%), water, salt.
Fitness bread - rye bread with oat and wheat germs: Whole rye meal (51%), water, whole oat meal (3%), sunflower seeds (2.5%), wheat germ (1.5%), salt.
Pumpernickel: Whole rye meal (60%), water, salt, sugar beet syrup, malt extract(barley), yeast.
Linseed breadWhole grain rye bread  with linseed. Whole rye meal(56%), water, linseed (5%), salt.
May contain traces of sesame and soya.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: energy 776kj/184kcal, fat 1.4g of which saturates 0.3g, carbohydrates 32,3g of which sugars 4.9g, protein 5.9g, salt 1.2g

Other Information

Producted in Germany.

Address: Mestemacher GmbH, 2451, D-33254 Germany

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Customer reviews - Mestemacher German Bread Basket 500g


Very German - Thu 20th Apr 2017

This is a traditional German selection of breads with very intense flavour. It complements strong cheeses or salami.

- Thu 17th Dec 2015

This bread selection is such a great item to have in the larder, each type of bread is individually wrapped, 2 slices each pack, every one of them is delicious. Great for outings.

Traditional and Wholesome - Mon 18th Aug 2014

Firstly these are very nicely presented and the packets keep in the moisture/oil on the slices otherwise they would get hard and dry quite quickly. Otherwise they last a very long time. My favourite way of eating this is toasted with peanut butter, tahini or cold with humous.

- Thu 12th Dec 2013

Beautifully packaged and great choice of breads, these are delightful to open and taste lovely, very traditional German bread flavours, I will be buying these again and again, have never seen them for sale in any of the health food shops we visit, a real treat for anyone who likes traditional German bread.

Authentic taste - Thu 6th Dec 2012

The dark brown german breads are an acquired taste but are very well suited to the Mediterranean health diets favoured here i.e. olives, humous, tomatoes. They are just the right size for people new to these breads and easy for lunches. I don't think each slice needs to be packaged, at least the two per variety in one set of packaging would cut a lot of it out.

A good selection - Tue 12th Oct 2010

This is like a mini bread hamper, the slices are attractively presented and the pack offers a very good, varied selection.
These breads have the rich taste and crumbly you would expect - I always double toast them, and I find it really enhance both the taste and the texture.
Delicious with hummous, olives, cheese, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts (separately or altogether).
Some might argue that there is far too much packaging, but given the very crumbly nature of the bread, it is perfect, because it means you can just take it away with you anywhere, and open it at the very last minute, thus preserving the slices intact.

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