Sanchi Mugi Miso  345g

Sanchi Mugi Miso 345g

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Aged and fermented soya beans and barley

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More about Sanchi Mugi Miso

Mugi Miso is aged in wooden kegs over a period of 18 months; it has a rich, savoury taste, and is suitable for both summer & winter cooking.

Sanchi Miso is authentic Japanese soya bean paste which has been fermented using traditional methods and craftsmanship which are rarely used in the food industry. Each region of Japan has created its own characteristic miso using a different recipe and cereal grain. Enjoy the unique flavour of each variety.


Use as a rich seasoning base for sauces, stews, dressings, spreads, dips & casseroles, and with noodles.


Soya beans 58%, barley 29.5%, sea salt, koji seed (Aspergillus oryzae).

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 833kJ/198kcal, Protein 11g, Carbohydrate 26g, Fat 5.5g.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

Customer reviews - Sanchi Mugi Miso 345g


- Mon 21st Mar 2016

Even though it's not organic I can't think of any complaints with regards to the taste. Not too salty, and a good barley presence that slightly reminds me of coffee. I've found it adds a wonderful flavour when mixed into some beans (haricot, white beans etc), or vegetables like peas. It also goes well with lentils.

- Wed 9th Mar 2016

Better than my existing brand I've been using for years because it seems less salty to my taste buds. The quality is also very good and the flavour stronger than the rice version, but I would like the packet to mention somewhere it's unpasteurised for piece of mind as I don't know (it probably is as most misos are).

- Thu 5th Dec 2013

Think this may be my favourite miso, it has a lovely flavour, the pack lasts for ages. I like to decant it into a jar and store in the fridge, it makes it easier to use. A little goes a long way, do not overheat, add to food at the end of cooking to retain the nutrients and flavour.

- Sun 25th Feb 2007

This stuff takes the place of OXO cubes. It gives a wonderful rich flavour and my whole family love it when I put this in. And it's totally natural. Which is why I'm just about to order some more!

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