Meridian 'Free From' Green Pesto 170g

Meridian 'Free From' Green Pesto 170g

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Made with basil and extra virgin olive oil

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A delicious sauce perfect with pasta or any italian dish


Basil (34%), extra virgin olive oil (23%), sunflower oil, cashew nuts, mustard seeds, garlic, salt, citric acid, lime juice concentrate, black pepper.

Nutritional Information

per 100g:
Energy 519kcal/2142kJ, Protein 5.9g, Carbohydrate 5.2g (of which sugars 2.9g), Fat 52.6g (of which saturates 7.5g), Fibre 2.2g, Sodium 0.4g.


Contains cashew nuts and mustard seeds

Manufacturers Web Site

Meridian Foods Limited, S021 3JW.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Yeast Free

Customer reviews - Meridian 'Free From' Green Pesto 170g


Pesto - Mon 16th May 2016

Not too keen on this, found it slightly bland but that was with pasta. May have been better with fish or chicken so worth trying

Nice! - Mon 5th Oct 2015

This is very chunky pesto which has a lot of bite to it. It's tasty but I have had nicer pestos (gluten and dairy free) which is why I'm giving this 4 instead of 5 stars.

Green Pesto - Sat 25th Jul 2015

This green pesto was absolutely delicious lots of flavour and nice texture. I'd definitely recommend it.

Great pesto, though not a favourite - Sat 4th Jul 2015

A really great pesto for vegans, although I can't help but compare it to supermarket vegetarian versions with a more obvious hint of (parmesan?) cheese.

- Thu 30th Apr 2015

A little bit sharp and lumpy.

- Tue 17th Mar 2015

It's a bit pricey compared to normal pesto but I think it's worth it, does a great job.

- Thu 27th Feb 2014

Its nice to find a pesto thats dairy free. Unfortunately I find it a little dry. Need to add in a little olive oil to make it coat the pasta well.

Just Perfect - Wed 16th Oct 2013

Meridian 'Free From' Green Pesto a beautifully packed nutrient filled sauce with quality ingredients and spices that compliment each other to form a 100% full flavoured rich texture and taste. Turns any dish in to a nutritious simmering sensational feast.

- Tue 20th Aug 2013

Did not like this at all. Nothing like the taste of non-freefrom pesto. Found it way too bland to be a worthwhile addition to anything, except potentially risotto.

Meridian - Mon 29th Apr 2013

This is a nice pesto, although it does lack a little bit of "oomph", although my partner loves it. I usually add a few fresh basil leaves into the mix, and that sorts out the problem.

- Mon 23rd Jul 2012

I love this pesto and my husband who has no problems with dietary requirements keeps nicking it as he prefers this to normal pesto.

Not all that. - Sun 22nd Apr 2012

This is ok, but rather bland. You can't really taste it on anything. I much prefer Florentino pesto that you can find in most supermarkets' free-from sections.

- Thu 16th Feb 2012

Nice pesto, a little bit unsalty, but you just add some salt to it and the problem is solved

- Sat 19th Nov 2011

We are all very happy to eat this pesto in our household. It's vegan, so great for my two sons who are allergic to dairy. My only criticism is that it's slightly too oily for me, but that's because I'm really fussy...the oil level doesn't bother my two children or my husband.

The best pesto - Wed 25th May 2011

The best pesto I've ever had, and it has none of the cheese of normal pesto. I always have a stash of this. A small tea spoon on top brightens any soup, and I add it to pretty much all tomato based sauces.

lovely pesto! - Tue 17th May 2011

The best pesto I have tasted and suitable for vegans which is great! Lovely tossed with pasta and added to homemade pizzas. Recommended!

- Wed 26th Jan 2011

Just the best pesto.. Lovely coarsely chopped basil giving a much more hearty and flavoursome pesto.

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